Preprints der Forschergruppe S.G.A.


Preprint 1/2021
K-theory of admissible Zariski-Riemann spaces
Christian Dahlhausen


Preprint 10/2020
Simple lattices and free algebras of modular forms
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams

Preprint 9/2020
Projective spaces as orthogonal modular varieties
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams

Preprint 8/2020
Borcherds products of half-integral weight
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams

Preprint 7/2020
Logarithmic differentials on discretely ringed adic spaces
Katharina Hübner

Preprint 6/2020
Plectic Galois action on CM points and connected components of Hilbert modular varieties
Marius Leonhardt

Preprint 5/2020
Herr-complexes in the Lubin-Tate setting
Benjamin Kupferer, Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 4/2020
Duality for K-analytic Cohomology
Oliver Thomas

Preprint 3/2020
Cohomology of Topologised Monoids
Oliver Thomas

Preprint 2/2020
A p-adic L-function with canonical motivic periods for Hida families
Michael Fütterer

Preprint 1/2020
The tame site of a scheme
Katharina Hübner, Alexander Schmidt


Preprint 25/2019
The generic monodromy of Drinfeld modular varieties in special characteristic
Gebhard Böckle, Florian Breuer

Preprint 24/2019
Note on Fourier expansions at cusps
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 23/2019
Wiles defect for Hecke algebras that are not complete intersections
Gebhard Böckle, Chandrashekhar Khare, Jeffrey Manning

Preprint 22/2019
CM values of higher automorphic Green functions for orthogonal groups
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Stephan Ehlen, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 21/2019
Special Cycles on Toroidal Compactifications of Orthogonal Shimura Varieties
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Shaul Zemel

Preprint 20/2019
Theta lifts for Lorentzian lattices and coefficients of mock theta functions
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 19/2019
Torres infinitas sorprendentes: Una introducción a la teoría de Iwasawa (Erstaunliche unendliche Türme: Eine Einführung in die Iwasawa-Theorie)
Michael Fütterer, José Villanueva

Preprint 18/2019
Leading coefficient of the Goss Zeta value and p-ranks of Jacobians of Carlitz cyclotomic covers
Gebhard BÖCKLE et Dinesh S. THAKUR

Preprint 17/2019
G^-local systems on smooth projective curves are potentially automorphic
Gebhard Böckle, Michael Harris, Chandrashekhar Khare, Jack A. Thorne

Preprint 16/2019
On the semisimplicity of reductions and adelic openness for E-rational compatible systems over global function fields
Gebhard Böckle, Wojciech Gajda, Sebastian Petersen

Preprint 15/2019
The Manin constant and the modular degree
Kestutis Cesnavicius, Michael Neururer, Abhishek Saha

Preprint 14/2019
Tame and strongly étale cohomology of curves
Katharina Hübner

Preprint 13/2019
Equidimensionality of universal pseudodeformation rings in characteristic p for absolute Galois groups of p-adic fields
Gebhard Böckle and Ann-Kristin Juschka

Preprint 12/2019
A Hecke-equivariant decomposition of spaces of Drinfeld cusp forms via representation theory, and an investigation of its subfactors
Gebhard Böckle, Peter Mathias Gräf and Rudolph Perkins

Preprint 11/2019
Deformation rings and images of Galois representations
Gebhard Böckle, Sara Arias-de-Reyna

Preprint 10/2019
A quotient of the Lubin-Tate tower II
Christian Johansson, Judith Ludwig, David Hansen

Preprint 9/2019
A_inf is infinite dimensional
Jaclyn Lang, Judith Ludwig

Preprint 8/2019
Topological behaviour of logarithmic invariants, Aportaciones Matematicas, Memorias de la Sociedad Matematica Mexicana 15 (2019), 3-14.
José-Ibrahim Villanueva-Gutiérrez

Preprint 7/2019
Reciprocity laws for (phi, Gamma)-modules over Lubin-Tate extensions (Extended and revised version, December 2020)
Peter Schneider, Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 6/2019
Sturm's operator acting on vector valued K-types
Kathrin Maurischat

Preprint 5/2019
On unitary groups associated to division algebras of degree three
Kathrin Maurischat

Preprint 4/2019
Big images of two-dimensional pseudorepresentations
Andrea Conti, Jaclyn Lang, Anna Medvedovsky

Preprint 3/2019
Special Functions and Gauss-Thakur Sums in Higher Rank and Dimension
Quentin Gazda, Andreas Maurischat

Preprint 2/2019
On field extensions given by periods of Drinfeld modules
Andreas Maurischat

Preprint 1/2019
The construction of Green currents and singular theta lifts for unitary groups
Jens Funke, Eric Hofmann


Preprint 20/2018
Weil's converse theorem for Maass forms and cancellation of zeros
Michael Neururer, Thomas Oliver

Preprint 19/2018
On the mu and lambda invariants of the logarithmic class group
José-Ibrahim Villanueva-Gutiérrez

Preprint 18/2018
A converse theorem for Borcherds products on X0(N)
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 17/2018
Wieferich Primes and a mod p Leopoldt Conjecture
Gebhard Böckle, David-A. Guiraud, Sudesh Kalyanswamy, Chandrashekhar Khare

Preprint 16/2018
Regular poles of local L-functions for GSp(4) with respect to split Bessel models (the subregular cases)
Mirko Rösner, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 15/2018
Exceptional poles of local spinor L-functions of GSp(4) with anisotropic Bessel models
Mirko Rösner, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 14/2018
Exceptional poles of local L-functions for GSp(4) with respect to split Bessel models
Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 13/2018
Regular poles for spinor L-series attached to split Bessel models of GSp(4)
Mirko Rösner, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 12/2018
Holomorphic Borcherds products of singular weight for simple lattices of arbitrary level
Sebastian Opitz, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 11/2018
Periods of t-modules as special values
Andreas Maurischat

Preprint 10/2018
A magnetic modular form
Yingkun Li, Michael Neururer

Preprint 9/2018
Fourier expansions at cusps
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 8/2018
Computing L-invariants via the Greenberg-Stevens formula
Samuele Anni, Gebhard Böckle, Peter Mathias Gräf, Alvaro Troya

Preprint 7/2018
On quasi-purity of the branch locus
Alexander Schmidt

Preprint 6/2018
Chern classes from Morava K-theories to p^n-typical oriented theories
Pavel Sechin

Preprint 5/2018
Applications of the Morava K-theory to algebraic groups
Pavel Sechin, Nikita Semenov

Preprint 4/2018
The normal hull and commutator group for nonconnected group schemes
Giulia Battiston

Preprint 3/2018
Modularity of generating series of winding numbers
Jan H. Bruinier, Jens Funke, Özlem Imamoglu, Yingkun Li

Preprint 2/2018
Arithmetic degrees of special cycles and derivatives of Siegel Eisenstein series
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 1/2018
The adic tame site
Katharina Hübner


Preprint 27/2017
A variational open image theorem in positive characteristic
Gebhard Böckle, Wojciech Gajda, Sebastian Petersen

Preprint 26/2017
On the Structure of Algebraic Cobordism
Pavel Sechin

Preprint 25/2017
Prolongations of t-motives and algebraic independence of periods
Andreas Maurischat

Preprint 24/2017
On spectral sequences for Iwasawa adjoints à la Jannsen for families
Otmar Venjakob, Oliver Thomas

Preprint 23/2017
Wach modules, regulator maps, and epsilon-isomorphisms in families
Rebecca Bellovin, Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 22/2017
Mahler measures of elliptic modular surfaces
Francois Brunault, Micael Neururer

Preprint 21/2017
Modularity of generating series of divisors on unitary Shimura varieties II: arithmetic applications
Jan Bruinier, Benjamin Howard, Stephen S. Kudla, Michael Rapoport, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 20/2017
A control theorem for p-adic automorphic forms and Teitelbaum's L-invariant
Peter Mathias Gräf

Preprint 19/2017
Liftings and Borcherds Products erscheint in Proc. of a Conference "L-Functions and Automorphic Forms", Heidelberg 2016, Springer
Eric Hofmann

Preprint 18/2017
Algebraic formulas for the coefficients of mock theta functions and Weyl vectors of Borcherds products
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 17/2017
Borcherds products with prescribed divisor
Jan Hendrik Bruinier

Preprint 16/2017
Modularity of generating series of divisors on unitary Shimura varieties
Jan Bruinier, Benjamin Howard, Stephen S. Kudla, Michael Rapoport, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 15/2017
Cones of Heegner divisors
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Martin Möller

Preprint 14/2017
Poitou-Tate duality for arithmetic schemes
Thomas H. Geisser, Alexander Schmidt

Preprint 13/2017
Canonical decomposition of a difference of convex sets
Ana María Botero

Preprint 12/2017
Intersection theory of toric b-divisors in toric varieties
Ana María Botero

Preprint 11/2017
A short remark on consecutive coincidences of a certain multiplicative function  (erscheint in Functiones et Approximatio)
Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 10/2017
Bounds for Fourier-Jacobi coefficients of Siegel cusp forms of degree two  (erscheint in Proc. of a Conference "L-Functions and Automorphic Forms", Heidelberg 2014, Springer)
Winfried Kohnen and Jyoti Sengupta

Preprint 9/2017
Some indivisibility properties of generalized left-factorials (erscheint in Bull. Korean Math. Soc.)
Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 8/2017
Parahoric Restriction for GSp(4)        (auch in arXiv)
Mirko Rösner

Preprint 7/2017
Aspherical neighborhoods on arithmetic surfaces: the local case
Katharina Hübner

Preprint 6/2017
Non-Vanishing of L-Functions Associated to Cusp Forms of Half-Integral Weight in the Plus Space (erscheint in "Research in Number Theory")
Winfried Kohnen, Wissam Raji

Preprint 5/2017
Non-vanishing of Koecher-Maass series attached to Siegel cusp forms on the real line (erscheint in Abh. Math. Sem. Univ. Hamburg)
Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 4/2017
A short note on Dedekind sums (erscheint in "Ramanujan Journal")
Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 3/2017
On Hecke L-functions attached to half-integral weight modular forms
YoungJu Choie, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 2/2017

On Sign Changes of Eigenvalues of Siegel Cusp Forms of Genus 2 in Prime Powers
Soumya Das, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 1/2017

Gieseker conjecture for homogeneous spaces
Giulia Battiston


Preprint 13/2016
A chain rule formula for higher derivations and inverses of polynomial maps
Andreas Maurischat

Preprint 12/2016
An Integral Digit Derivative Basis for Carlitz Prime Power Torsion Extensions
Andreas Maurischat, Rudolph Perkins

Preprint 11/2016
Holomorphic Derivatives of Siegel Modular Forms
Eric Hofmann, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 10/2016
Number of irreducible mod l rank 2 sheaves on curves over finite fields
Gebhard Böckle, Chandrashekhar B. Khare

Preprint 9/2016
The homotopy sequence for regular singular stratified bundles
Giulia Battiston, Lars Kindler

Preprint 8/2016
G-bundles on the absolute Fargues-Fontaine curve
Johannes Anschütz

Preprint 7/2016
The base change of the monodromy group for geometric Tannakian pairs
Giulia Batttiston

Preprint 6/2016
Characteristic cycles and the microlocal geometry of the Gauss map
Thomas Krämer

Preprint 5/2016
Local Borcherds Products for Unitary Groups  erscheint in Nagoya Math. Journal
Eric Hofmann

Preprint 4/2016
On the shifted stable A¹-connectivity property
Johannes Schmidt, Florian Strunk

Preprint 3/2016
Division algebras and maximal orders for given invariants, erschienen in LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics / Volume 19 / Special Issue A / 2016, pp 178-195
Gebhard Böckle, Damián Gvirtz

Preprint 2/2016
Phantom holomorphic projections arising from Sturm's formula
Kathrin Maurischat, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 1/2016
Multiplicity one for certain paramodular forms of genus two
Mirko Rösner, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 38/2015:
On Subvarieties of Abelian Varieties with degenerate Gauss mapping
Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 37/2015:
Degenerate Perverse Sheaves on Abelian Varieties
Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 36/2015:
Why certain Tannaka groups attached to abelian varieties are almost connected
Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 35/2015:
Cohomological Tensor Functors on Representations of the General Linear Supergroup
Thorsten Heidersdorf, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 34/2015:
Vanishing theorems for abelian varieties over finite fields
Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 33/2015:
Pieri type rules and Gl(2|2) tensor products
Th. Heidersdorf, R. Weissauer

Preprint 32/2015:
Shimura Lifts of Weakly Holomorphic Modular Forms
Yingkun Li, Shaul Zemel

Preprint 31/2015:
Degenerate Whittaker functions for Sp_n(R)
Jan Bruinier, Jens Funke, Stephen Kudla

Preprint 30/2015:
Generic representations in L-packets
Manish Mishra

Preprint 29/2015:
Parahoric restriction for GSp(4) and the inner cohomology of Siegel modular threefolds
Mirko Andreas Rösner

Preprint 28/2015:
Transcendence of zeros of Jacobi forms
YoungJu Choie, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 27/2015:
On holomorphic projection for Sp_2 R - The case of weight (4,4)
Kathrin Maurischat

Preprint 26/2015:
A generalization of S. Zhang's local Gross-Zagier formula for GL(2)
Kathrin Maurischat

Preprint 25/2015:
On Perrin-Riou's exponential map for (phi, Gamma)-modules
Andreas Riedel

Preprint 24/2015:
A Twist Conjecture For Certain CM Elliptic Curves
Ulrich Schmitt

Preprint 23/2015:
Vanishing Theorems for constructible Sheaves on Abelian Varieties
Thomas Krämer, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 22/2015:
Cubic threefolds, Fano surfaces and the monodromy of the Gauss map
Thomas Krämer

Preprint 21/2015:
Genericity under parahoric restriction
Manish Mishra, Mirko Rösner

Preprint 20/2015:
Bernstein center of supercuspidal block
Manish Mishra

Preprint 19/2015:
A Galois side analogue of a theorem of Bernstein
Manish Mishra

Preprint 18/2015:
On spectral sequences for Iwasawa adjoints à la Jannsen for families
Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 17/2015:
Heegner divisors in generalized Jacobians and traces of singular moduli
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Yingkun Li

Preprint 16/2015:
Shifted products of Fourier coefficients of Siegel cusp forms of degree two
Winfried Kohnen, Jyoti Sengupta

Preprint 15/2015:
Simultaneous sign change of Fourier coefficients of two cusp forms
Sanoli Gun, Winfried Kohnen, Purusottam Rath

Preprint 14/2015:
On the Fourier coefficients of Siegel modular forms
Siegfried Böcherer, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 13/2015:
Generalized Riordan Groups and Operators on Polynomials
Shaul Zemel

Prerpint 12/2015:
Regularized Pairings of Meromorphic Modular Forms and Theta Lifts
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 11/2015:
A Twist Conjecture for CM Elliptic Curves
Ulrich Schmitt

Preprint 10/2015:
A comparison of elliptic units in certain prime power conductor cases
Ulrich Schmitt

Preprint 9/2015:
Coates-Wiles homomorphisms and Iwasawa cohomology for Lubin-Tate extensions
Peter Schneider, Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 8/2015:
On Products of Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms, erschienen in Forum Mathematicum, ISSN (Online) 1435-5337, ISSN (Print) 0933-7741, DOI: 10.1515/forum-2015-0175
Eric Hofmann, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 7/2015:
Sections, Homotopy Rational Points and Reductions of Curves
Johannes Schmidt

Preprint 6/2015:
Descent of algebraic cycles
Johannes Anschütz

Preprint 5/2015:
Anabelian geometry with etale homotopy types
Alexander Schmidt, Jakob Stix

Preprint 4/2015:
Homotopy Rational Points of Brauer-Severi Varieties
Johannes Schmidt

Preprint 3/2015:
Nonvanishing and Central Critical Values of Twisted L-functions of Cusp Forms on Average
Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 2/2015:
Irreducibility of versal deformation rings in the (p,p)-case for 2-dimensional representations
Gebhard Böckle, Ann-Kristin Juschka

Preprint 1/2015:
Categories of abelian varieties over finite fields I. Abelian varieties over F_p
Tommaso Giorgio Centeleghe, Jakob Stix


Preprint 13/2014:
On the Rigidity of BN-sheaves
Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 12/2014:
Lifting newforms to vector valued modular forms for the Weil representation
Markus Schwagenscheidt, Fabian Völz

Preprint 11/2014:
Automorphic products of singular weight for simple lattices
Moritz Dittmann, Heike Hagemeier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 10/2014:
An Algebraic Description of the Exceptional Isogenies to Orthogonal Groups
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 9/2014:
Kudla's Modularity Conjecture and Formal Fourier-Jacobi Series
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Martin Westerholt-Raum

Preprint 8/2014:
Lattices with many Borcherds products
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Stephan Ehlen, Eberhard Freitag

Preprint 7/2014:
Characteristic classes and Hilbert-Poincaré series for perverse sheaves on abelian varieties
Thomas Krämer

Preprint 6/2014:
Weierstrass Mock Modular Forms and Elliptic Curves
Claudia Alfes, Michael Griffin, Ken Ono, Larry Rolen

Preprint 5/2014:
Nonvanishing of Koecher-Maass Series Attached to Siegel Cusp Forms
Soumya Das, Winfried Kohnen, Jyoti Sengupta

Preprint 4/2014:
Tame Class Field Theory for Singular Varieties over Finite Fields to appear in Journal of the EMS
Thomas Geisser, Alexander Schmidt

Preprint 3/2014:
Semisimple Super Tannakian Categories with a small Tensor Generator
Thomas Krämer, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 2/2014:
A New Singular Lift of Doi--Naganuma Type
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 1/2014:
The K(π,1)-property for marked curves over finite fields
Philippe Lebacque, Alexander Schmidt


Preprint 32/2013
Independence of l-adic representations of geometric Galois groups
Gebhard Böckle, Wojciech Gajda an Sebastian Petersen

Preprint 31/2013:
Non-Abelian p-adic L-functions and Eisenstein series of unitary groups; The CM method
Thanasis Bouganis

Preprint 30/2013:
On special values of Siegel modular forms
Thanasis Bouganis

Preprint 29/2013:
Thomae Formulae for General Fully Ramified $Z_n$ Curves
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 28/2013:
On Lattices over Valuation Rings of Arbitrary Rank
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 27/2013:
On Quasi-Modular Forms, Almost Holomorphic Modular Forms, and the Vector-Valued Modular Forms of Shimura
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 26/2013:
A Gross--Kohnen--Zagier Type Theorem for Higher-Codimensional Heegner Cycles
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 25/2013:
A Direct Evaluation of the Periods of the Weierstrass Zeta Function, erschienen in den Ann Univ Ferrara, vol 59 (2013). DOI: 10.1007/s11565-013-0186-8
Shaul Zemel

Preprint 24/2013:
CM values of regularized theta lifts
Stephan Jakob Ehlen

Preprint 23/2013:
"A Survey on Class Field Theory for Varieties", Proceedings of the conference "Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory", June 3-7, 2013 at CIRM in Luminy, to appear
Alexander Schmidt

Preprint 22/2013:
"Invariant Vectors for Weak Endoscopic and Saito-Kurokawa Lifts to GSp(4)"
Mirko Rösner

Preprint 21/2013:
"Rédei symbols and arithmetical mild pro-2-groups"
Jochen Gärtner

Preprint 20/2013:
"On p-class groups and the Fontaine-Mazur Conjecture"
Jochen Gärtner

Preprint 19/2013:
"Characterizations of Jacobi cusp forms and cusp forms of Maass Spezialschar"
Winfried Kohnen, Jongryul Lim

Preprint 18/2013:
"Some remarks on the Resnikoff-Saldana conjecture"
Soumya Das, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 17/2013:
"Conic theta functions and spherical polytopes with rational volumes"
Amanda Folsom, Winfried Kohnen, Sinai Robins

Preprint 16/2013:
"Sign changes of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms supported on prime power indices"
Winfried Kohnen, Yves Martin

Preprint 15/2013:
"An explicit bound for the first sign change of the Fourier coefficients of a Siegel cusp form"
YoungJu Choie, Sanoli Gun, Winfried Kohnen

Preprint 14/2013:
"Unit L-functions for étale sheaves of modules over noncommutative rings"
Malte Witte

Preprint 13/2013:
"Local epsilon isomorphisms"
David Loeffler, Sarah Livia Zerbes, Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 12/2013:
"Equivariant epsilon conjecture for 1-dimensional Lubin-Tate groups"
Dmitriy Izychev, Otmar Venjakob

Preprint 11/2013:
"Étale contractible varieties in positive characteristic"
Armin Holschbach, Johannes Schmidt, Jakob Stix

Preprint 10/2013:
"On a family of surfaces of general type attached to abelian fourfolds and the Weyl group W(E_6)"
Thomas Krämer

Preprint 09/2013:
"Perverse sheaves on semiabelian varieties"
Thomas Krämer

Preprint 08/2013:
"Tame Class Field Theory for Singular Varieties over Algebraically Closed Fields", Documenta Mathematica 21 (2016), 91-123
Thomas Geisser, Alexander Schmidt

Preprint 07/2013:
"On the Tannaka group attached to the Theta divisor of a generic principally polarized abelian variety"
Thomas Krämer, Rainer Weissauer

Preprint 06/2013:
Simply transitive quaternionic lattices of rank 2 over F_q(t) and a non-classical fake quadric"
Jakob Stix, Alina Vdovina

Preprint 05/2013:
"Vector valued formal Fourier-Jacobi series"
Jan Hendrik Bruinier

Preprint 04/2013:
"Heights of Kudla-Rapoport divisors and derivatives of L-functions"
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Benjamin Howard, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 03/2013:
"Borcherds Products for U(1,1)", erschienen im International Journal of Number Theory, Vol.9 , No. 7 (2013)
Eric Hofmann

Preprint 02/2013:
"Class polynomials for nonholomorphic modular functions"
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Ken Ono, Andrew V. Sutherland

Preprint 01/2013:
"Integral Tate modules and splitting of primes in torsion fields of elliptic curves"
Tommaso Giorgio Centeleghe