Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Bachelor/Master Seminar (Junior Geometry Seminar)
Summer semester 2020

Time and date

The seminar is planned to happen Monday, 4-6pm, in Seminarraum B. As long as necessary, we will meet online. Please contact the organizer to receive the link to our online meeting.

Preliminary schedule

Date Name Title of talk
April 27 Anja Randecker Technology check
May 4 Noam von Rotberg Root systems and spherical Coxeter groups
May 11 Jerónimo García Group actions on hyperbolic spaces
May 18 Lukas D. Sauer Character varieties and Lagrangian submanifolds
May 19 (Tuesday(!) 5pm) Máté Telek together with Journal Club Topological Methods in Data Analysis
May 25 Jakob Schuhmacher Quiver Representation Theory
June 1 Whit Monday no talk
June 8 Noam von Rotberg Reflection length in affine Coxeter groups
June 15 Christian Alber Blaschke conjecture and Hopf rigidity
June 17 (Wednesday(!) 12.45 pm) Menelaos Zikidis g-Opers and the Hitchin Section
June 22 Gautam Banhatti Magnetic billiards and symplectic quotients
June 29 Stephan Schmitt Adiabatic limits and vortex equations
July 6 Jakob Schuhmacher Quiver Varieties
July 13 Raphael Schlarb Magnetic geodesics on the Two-sphere
July 20 Tom Stalljohann Introduction to Contact cuts
July 22 (Wednesday(!) 12.45pm) Jonas von Berg Singularity theorems in Lorentzian geometry
July 27 Hannes Schwab Asymptotic geometry of the Higgs bundle moduli space
September 3, 11 am Máté Telek Extending results of TDA to Bregman point clouds


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