Heidelberg Geometry Seminars and related events
Winter semester 2019/2020

The Geometry Seminar (GS) is the common seminar of the Differential Geometry Group and the Symplectic Geometry Group. It takes place in Seminarraum C at 13:00.

The Differential Geometry Seminar (DGS) takes place Thu in Seminarraum 5 at 14:00 and Mon in Seminarraum 3 at 9:45.

The Symplectic Geometry Seminar (SGS) takes place in Seminarraum 9 at 11:15.

The RTG Colloquium (RTG) is held alternately in Karlsruhe (KA) and Heidelberg (HD). In Heidelberg it takes place in Room 5.104 at 13:30.
More details about the RTG Colloquium can be found here.

Additional events are listed in the second table.

Please contact one of the organizers Jonas Beyrer or Lucas Dahinden if you would like to suggest a speaker, or if you want an event promoted on this webpage.

Date and time Speaker Title Seminar
Tue Oct 15 Olaf Müller (Berlin) New conformal techniques at the interface of analysis, geometry and physics RTG KA
Wed Oct 16 Kevin Wiegand (Heidelberg) Magnetic Cotangent Bundles SGS
Wed Oct 23 Kevin Wiegand (Heidelberg) TBA SGS
Tue Oct 22 Yan Mary He (Luxembourg/Toronto) Identities for hyperconvex Anosov representations GS
Tue Oct 29 Jean Raimbault (Toulouse) A global view of hyperbolic manifolds RTG HD
Wed Oct 30 Jakob Hedicke (Bochum) Causally simple spacetimes and the contact structure on the space of null-geodesics SGS
Tue Nov 5 Lara Suarez (Bochum) Restrictions on the topology of a Lagrangian cobordism GS
Wed Nov 6 Lara Suarez (Bochum) The fundamental group of monotone Lagrangian cobordisms of big Maslov class SGS
Tue Nov 12 Dawid Kielak (Bielefeld) TBA RTG KA
Tue Nov 19 Claudio Llosa Isenrich (Bonn) Images of Kähler groups in direct products of surface groups GS
Tue Nov 26 Hartmut Weiß (Kiel) Parabolic Higgs bundles and gravitational instantons RTG HD
Wed Nov 27 Anna-Maria Vocke (Heidelberg) Electro-magnetic periodic bounce points SGS
Mon Dec 2, 09:15, SR1 Joontae Kim (KIAS) Symplectic topology of real Lagrangian tori in S2xS2 SGS
Tue Dec 3 Marc Kegel (Berlin) Morse structures on open books and the Euler class of contact structures GS
Wed Dec 4 Marc Kegel (Berlin) Non-isotopic transverse tori in Engel manifold SGS
Tue Dec 10 Bernhard Mühlherr (Giessen) TBA RTG KA
Mon Dec 16, 11.15, SR9 Johanna Bimmermann (Heidelberg) Hofer-Zehnder Capacity for Magnetic Systems on the Two-Sphere SGS
Tue Dec 17 Jean Gutt (Toulouse) Two periodic Reeb orbits GS
Wed Dec 18 Jean Gutt (Toulouse) Symplectic homology is a Morse theory SGS
Tue Jan 7 Gabriele Benedetti (Heidelberg) On the local systolic optimality of Zoll contact forms RTG HD
Wed Jan 8 Sara Tukachinsky (IAS) Quantum product on relative cohomology SGS
Thu Jan 9 Javier de la Nuez Gonzalez (Bilbao) The curve graph from the point of view of model theory DGS
Mon Jan 13 Didac Martinez-Granado (Bloomington) From curves to currents DGS
Tue Jan 14 Chris Wendl (Berlin) Some remarks on transversality and symmetry GS
Wed Jan 15 Chris Wendl (Berlin) Equivariant transversality and Petri's condition for Cauchy-Riemann operators SGS
Tue Jan 21 Alex Gorodnik (Zürich) TBA RTG KA
Thu Jan 23 Filippo Mazzoli (Luxemburg) Constant Gaussian curvature surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds. DGS
Mon Jan 27 Giulio Belletti (Pisa) The maximum volume of hyperbolic polyhedra DGS
Tue Jan 28 Sebastian Heller (Hannover) The energy of holomorphic sections of the Deligne-Hitchin moduli space GS
Wed Jan 29 San Vũ Ngọc (Rennes) Symplectic geometry for semiclassical magnetic laplacians SGS
Thu Jan 30 Alessio Savini (Bologna) A Mostow Rigidity result for measurable cocycles of real hyperbolic lattices. DGS
Mon Feb 3, 13:15, SRB Zhengyi Zhou (Princeton) Symplectic fillings of asymptotically dynamically convex manifolds SGS
Tue Feb 4 Ana Cannas da Silva (Zürich) Four-folds and fold-forms RTG HD
Wed Feb 5 Ana Cannas da Silva (Zürich) Toric lagrangians SGS

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The following table shows additional math-events.

Date Event
24.1.2020 Meeting on Geometry and Analysis
Wed, 9.15-10.45, SR9 Topics in Topological and Geometric Methods in Data Analysis
Wed, 14.15-16.45, SR4 Topics in Symplectic Geometry

Heidelberg Geometry Seminar