Heidelberg Geometry Seminar and RTG colloquium (WS 17/18)

Both the Geometry Seminar and the RTG colloquium usually take place on Tuesdays. The seminar usually takes place in Seminarraum C at 12:30. If not, the alternative date or room is stated below. The RTG colloquium takes place in Room 5.104 at 13:30. More details about the RTG colloquium and the RTG days can be found here.

Please contact Federica Fanoni or Matthias Meiwes if you are interested in suggesting a speaker.

See here for the hompage of the Geometry Seminar for spring semester 2018.

Date Speaker Title Type of talk
Sep 21, 11:15 Irene Pasquinelli (Durham) Deligne-Mostow lattices and cone metrics on the sphere Seminar
Oct 16, 14:00 Hiroshige Shiga (Tokyo) An extension theorem for holomorphic motions and its application to Kleinian groups Seminar
Oct 17 Andreas Thom (Dresden) RTG Karlsruhe
Oct 24 Lorenzo Ruffoni (Bologna) Bubbling complex projective structures with quasi-Fuchsian holonomy Seminar
Oct 27-28 Geometric Dynamics Days
Nov 7 Daryl Cooper (Santa Barbara) Thurston's Compactification of Teichmüller Space RTG Heidelberg
Nov 14 Umberto Hryniewicz (Rio de Janeiro) Using holomorphic curves to construct Conley blocks that obstruct hyperbolicity Seminar
Nov 21 Michael Björklund (Göteborg) RTG Karlsruhe
Nov 28 Marco Mazzucchelli (Lyon) Minimal Boundaries in Tonelli Lagrangian Systems Seminar
Dec 1 Geometry Day, Heidelberg
Dec 5 Valentina Disarlo (Heidelberg) On the geometry of the flip graph RTG Heidelberg
Dec 9, 1pm, SR C Robert Tang (Okinawa) Veech surfaces and simple closed curves Seminar
Dec 12 Kai Zehmisch (Münster) Odd-symplectic! Seminar
Dec 19 Steffen Kionke (Karlsruhe) RTG Karlsruhe
Jan 9 Anna Siffert (Bonn) Harmonic maps between cohomogeneity one manifolds RTG Heidelberg
Jan 16 Jonas Beyrer (Zürich) Cross ratios on Furstenberg boundaries Seminar
Jan 23 Miles Simon (Magdeburg) RTG Karlsruhe
Jan 30 Stefano Riolo (Pisa) Hyperbolic Dehn filling in dimension four Seminar
Feb 6 Annette Werner (Frankfurt) Limits of buildings and groups RTG Heidelberg