Heidelberg Geometry Seminars and related events
Winter semester 2018/19

The Geometry Seminar (GS) is the common seminar of the Differential Geometry Group and the Symplectic Geometry Group. It takes place in Seminarraum C at 13:00.

The Differential Geometry Seminar (DGS) takes place in Seminarraum 3 at 12:45.

The Symplectic Geometry Seminar (SGS) takes place in Seminarraum 4 at 16:00.

The Junior Geometry Seminar (JGS) takes place in Seminarraum 3 at 11:15.

The RTG Colloquium (RTG) is held alternately in Karlsruhe (KA) and Heidelberg (HD). In Heidelberg it takes place in Room 5.104 at 13:30.
More details about the RTG Colloquium can be found here.

Additional events are listed in the second table.

Please contact the organizers Lucas Dahinden and Andreas Ott if you would like to suggest a speaker, or if you want an event promoted on this webpage.

Date and time Speaker Title Seminar
Tue Oct 16 Daniel Kasprowski (Bonn) Finite decomposition complexity and assembly maps RTG KA
Tue Oct 23 Mads Bisgaard (ETH Zürich) Mather theory and symplectic rigidity GS
Tue Oct 30 Stefan Suhr (Bochum) A min-max characterization of Zoll metrics RTG HD
Wed Oct 31 Ferdinand Vanmaele (Heidelberg) Introduction to the Davis Complex and Isolated Flats JGS
Tue Nov 6 Jonas Beyrer (Heidelberg) Marked length spectrum rigidity of cubulations GS
Tue Nov 13 Tobias Hartnick (Gießen) Heisenberg quasi-crystals RTG KA
Tue Nov 20 Kevin Wiegand (Gießen) Virtually contact structures and the Weinstein conjecture GS
Wed Nov 21 Kevin Wiegand (Gießen) Odd-symplectic surgery SGS
Thu Nov 22 Carlos De la Cruz Mengual (ETH Zürich) Stability in bounded cohomology for classical groups DGS
Tue Nov 27 Pierre Py (Strasbourg) Kernels of hyperbolic type RTG HD
Wed Nov 28 Tam Nguyen-Phan (MPI Bonn) The Nash C^1 isometric embedding theorem JGS
Thu Nov 29 Tam Nguyen-Phan (MPI Bonn) Topology of ends of nonpositively curved manifolds DGS
Tue Dec 4 Brice Loustau (Darmstadt) Computing equivariant harmonic maps GS
Wed Dec 5 Mireille Soergel (Heidelberg) Simplicial Complexes associated to 2-generated Artin groups JGS
Tue Dec 11 Matthias Meiwes (Tel Aviv) Growth of Floer homology and the topological entropy of Reeb flows GS
Wed Dec 12 Matthias Meiwes (Tel Aviv) Wrapped Floer homology and surgery SGS
Thu Dec 13 Elia Fioravanti (Oxford) Superrigidity of actions on finite rank median spaces DGS
Tue Dec 18 Mario Micallef (Warwick) Minimal surfaces, Jesse Douglas and the first Fields medal RTG KA
Tue Jan 8 Alexander Lytchak (Köln) Quadratic isoperimetric inequalities RTG HD
Tue Jan 15 Georgios Kydonakis (Strasbourg) Connected components of moduli of parabolic G-Higgs bundles GS
Tue Jan 22 Andrei Jaikin On the Lück approximation conjectures RTG KA
Tue Jan 29 Claudio Meneses (Kiel) Geometric models for moduli spaces of stable parabolic Higgs bundles in genus 0 GS
Wed Jan 30 Oskar Riedler (Heidelberg) Cartan geometry and a recurrence argument JGS
Tue Feb 5 Silvia Sabatini (Köln) Hamiltonian S1-spaces with large minimal Chern number RTG HD
Wed Feb 6 Silvia Sabatini (Köln) Hamiltonian S1-spaces with large minimal Chern number SGS
Wed Feb 6 Nguyen-Thi Dang (IRMA Rennes) Some problems of dynamics in higher rank JGS
Thu Feb 7 Nguyen-Thi Dang (IRMA Rennes) Topological mixing of the Weyl chamber flow DGS
Tue Feb 12 Ferdinand Vanmaele (Heidelberg) Isolated flats in the Davis complex JGS
Thu Feb 14 León Carvajales (Paris) Anosov representations and counting in some PSO(p,q)-symmetric spaces DGS
Fri Mar 1 Rene Ruehr (Tel Aviv) Counting saddle connections in a homology class modulo q DGS

The following table shows additional math-events.

Date Event
Wed Oct 31, Thu Nov 8 Omega Alpha (Oct 31 Gießen, Nov 8 Heidelberg)
Mon Nov 19 Persistence in Heidelberg (HITS)
Nov 30 Geometry Day
Feb 25-28 Geometric topology meets geometric analysis