Heidelberg Geometry Seminars and related events
Summer semester 2019

The Geometry Seminar (GS) is the common seminar of the Differential Geometry Group and the Symplectic Geometry Group. It takes place in Seminarraum C at 13:00.

The Differential Geometry Seminar (DGS) takes place in Seminarraum 3 at 11:15.

The Symplectic Geometry Seminar (SGS) takes place in Seminarraum 9 at 11:15.

The Junior Geometry Seminar (JGS) takes place in Seminarraum 3 at 11:15.

The RTG Colloquium (RTG) is held alternately in Karlsruhe (KA) and Heidelberg (HD). In Heidelberg it takes place in Room 5.104 at 13:30.
More details about the RTG Colloquium can be found here.

Additional events are listed in the second table.

Please contact one of the organizers Jonas Beyrer or Lucas Dahinden if you would like to suggest a speaker, or if you want an event promoted on this webpage.

Date and time Speaker Title Seminar
Tue Apr 16 Will Merry (ETHZ) Symplectic cohomology of magnetic cotangent bundles GS
Tue Apr 30 Vaibhav Gadre (Glasgow) Topics in Teichmuller dynamics RTG HD
Tue May 7 Martin Möller (Frankfurt) Recursions for Masur-Veech volumes via counting and via intersection theory GS
Thu May 9 Miguel Acosta (Luxemburg) Fundamental domains in the complex hyperbolic plane and its boundary at infinity DGS
Fri May 10 Paul Gontschar (Heidelberg) The geometry of Higman's group JGS
Tue May 14 Emily Stark (Technion) Boundary maps in non-positive curvature RTG KA
Tue May 21 Sobhan Seyfaddini (Paris) Barcodes and C0 symplectic topology GS
Wed May 22 Markus Reineke (Bochum) Cohomological Hall Algebras SGS
Thu May 23 Jean-Philippe Burelle (Paris) Rigidity of diagonally embedded triangle groups DGS
Tue May 28 Pazit Haim-Kislev (Tel Aviv) Symplectic size of polytopes RTG HD
Wed May 29 Pazit Haim-Kislev (Tel Aviv) Closed characteristics on the boundary of convex polytopes SGS
Tue Jun 11 Herbert Edelsbrunner Tri-partition of and hole systems in a polyhedral complex RTG KA
Wed June 19 Lukas Sauer (Heidelberg) Character varieties of 3-manifolds as Lagrangian submanifolds JGS
Tue June 18 Alexander Thomas (Strasbourg) A "flexible" generalisation of complex structures on surfaces GS
Tue Jun 25 Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen (Saarland) Veech groups of coverings of the Baker's map surface RTG HD
Tue July 2 Lionel Pournin (Paris) Recent geometric and combinatorial results on lattice polytopes GS
Wed July 3 Daniel Spitz (Heidelberg) tba JGS
Wed July 3 Sergei Tabachnikov (PennState) Elementary geometry is dead. Long live elementary geometry! (Part I) SGS
Thu July 4 Martin Bobb (Austin) Decomposition of Convex Divisible Domains along Flats DGS
Tue July 9 Elena Mäder-Baumdicker Willmore spheres are unstable RTG KA
Wed July 10 Balthazar Fléchelles (Heidelberg) tba JGS
Wed July 10 Sergei Tabachnikov (PennState) Elementary geometry is dead. Long live elementary geometry! (Part II) SGS
Fri July 12 Christian Seidel (Bochum) Closed geodesics in compact Lorentzian manifolds of splitting type (15:30 In Room INF 205) SGS
Tue July 16 Alvaro del Pino (Utrecht) Convex integration and the bracket-generating condition GS
Wed July 17 Sergei Tabachnikov (PennState) Frieze patterns SGS
Wed July 17 Alvaro del Pino (Utrecht) Submanifolds of jet spaces and wrinkling (16:00 In SRA) SGS
Thu July 18 Steve Trettel (Santa Barbara) Families of Geometries and Transitions DGS
Tue Jul 23 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (Louvain) Quotients of discrete groups: finite versus infinite RTG HD
Wed July 24 Florent Schaffhauser (Strasbourg) Mod 2 cohomology of moduli spaces of real vector bundles DGS
Wed July 24 Gustave Billon (Heidelberg) tba JGS
Wed July 24 Sergei Tabachnikov (PennState) Cross-ratio dynamics on ideal polygons SGS
Thu July 25 Tobias Weich (Paderborn) Ruelle-Taylor resonances for higher rank Anosov actions DGS

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The following table shows additional math-events.

Date Event
Feb 25-28 Geometric topology meets geometric analysis
Mar 28 Girl's day in Heidelberg
Apr 1-3 RTG Block Seminar
Apr 1-5 Geometry at Infinity
Jun 12-14 Workshop on Geometry, Topology and Computation
Jul 19 Freiburg - Heidelberg - Stuttgart Geometric Analysis Seminar
Jul 22 - Jul 26 Geometric and analytic aspects of moduli spaces
Jul 29 - Aug 2 Workshop on Bounded Cohomology
Aug 5-8 Persistent Homology, Summer school auf Schloß Rauischholzhausen

Heidelberg Geometry Seminar