Heidelberg Geometry Seminars and RTG colloquium

The Geometry Seminar is the common seminar of the Differential Geometry group and the Symplectic Geometry group and it takes place on Tuesdays in Seminarraum C at 13:00.

The Differential Geometry Seminar takes place on Thursdays in Seminarraum C at 13:00.

The RTG colloquium takes place on Tuesdays in Room 5.104 at 13:30. More details about the RTG colloquium and the RTG days can be found here.

Please contact Federica Fanoni if you are interested in suggesting a speaker.

Date Speaker Title Type of talk
March 13 Ken’ichi Ohshika Discontinuous motions of limit sets Seminar
April 17 Tsukasa Ishibashi Cluster realizations of Coxeter groups and their relations to higher Teichmueller spaces Seminar
April 19 Matteo Costantini Lyapunov exponents and character varieties DG Seminar
April 24 RTG Karlsruhe
April 26, 16:00, Room 0.200 Roman Prosanov From cusped hyperbolic surfaces to convex ideal Fuchsian polyhedra DG Seminar
May 2, 10:00, SR 9 Brian Collier Special deformations of Fuchsian representations into SO(p,q) DG Seminar
May 3-4 Conference: German Chapter Conference of the EWM
May 8 Charles Frances Dynamics and topology on 3-dimensional Lorentz manifolds RTG Heidelberg
May 15 Olivier Glorieux Critical exponent and Hausdorff dimension in pseudo-Riemannian hyperbolic geometry Seminar
May 22 RTG Karlsruhe
May 29 Jenya Sapir Tessellations from long geodesics on surfaces Seminar
June 5 Elisha Falbel Flag structures on 3-manifolds RTG Heidelberg
June 12 Alexander Ritter The cohomological McKay correspondence via Floer theory Seminar
June 19 RTG Karlsruhe
June 22 Conference: Geometry Day at KIT
June 26 Felix Schmäschke Geodesics on Orbifolds Seminar
June 27, 11am, SR 3 James Farre Hyperbolic 3-manifolds and bounded cohomology Seminar
June 29-30 Conference: 40. Süddeutsches Kolloquium über Differentialgeometrie
July 3 Leonid Polterovich Persistence barcodes in analysis and geometry RTG Heidelberg
July 9-13 Conference: Symplectic Dynamics
July 17 RTG Karlsruhe
July 30, 10 am, SR A Stephan Mescher Topological complexity of symplectic manifolds Seminar