Selected former pictures of the week

turquoise water bathing bright stones
In the Valle Verzasca.
Verzasca, Switzerland.

metal sculpture with three triangles and a few more half edges of an icosahedron
Partial icosahedron at Monte Verità.
Ascona, Switzerland.

peacock displaying white feathers
White peacock in the zoo.
Karlsruhe, Germany.

hedgehog in grass
Hedgehog in the night.
Nahsholim, Israel.

gate from stones with a horse in a backyard
Backyard in the Old City.
Akko, Israel.

valley with trees and rocks
View to Lebanon.

big rounded window with a clock in the center
At Gare de l'Est.
Paris, France.

tree with colorful sunset sky in the background
Colorful end of the year.
Heidelberg, Germany.

wreath with decoration and candles
Christmas time.
Heidelberg, Germany.

fort buildings with a drawbridge in the foreground
Drawbridge at Lichtenstein Castle.
Lichtenstein, Germany.

thin threads of a spiderweb with soft rime
Rime on a spiderweb.
Heidelberg, Germany.

lichens and mosses on a branch of a bush
Lichens and mosses in the black forest.
Oberwolfach, Germany.

statue of Apollo in a circular colonnade
Temple of Apollo in the gardens of Schwetzingen Palace.
Schwetzingen, Germany.

fallen oak leaf with raindrops
After a rain in fall.
Maifeld, Germany.

castle surrounded by trees in autumn colors
Burg Eltz.
Maifeld, Germany.

two branches of a tree that have grown into each other
Tree with a cycle!
Luminy, France.

rocks and trees with a glimpse of the sea
In the calanques.
Luminy, France.

braces and glass from the dome of the Reichstag
Rain on the Reichstag.
Berlin, Germany.

staircase behind glass window
View into the Louvre.
Paris, France.

details of a carpet and balcony furniture with reflections in a glass lantern
Shapes on a balcony.
Toronto, Ontario.

sky in sunset colors with sunflower
Evening mood on the fields.
Heidelberg, Germany.

planet and stars on a screen
Looking at the sky in the planetarium of Haus der Astronomie.
Heidelberg, Germany.

statue in a nymph with trees around
One of the nymphs in the Anlagenpark.
Tübingen, Germany.

straw hat and wooden heart in front of an open window
Still life in a hot summer night.
Ober-Ramstadt, Germany.

multiple layers of mountains with trees and blue sky in the background
Black Forest idyll.
Feldberg, Germany.

Eiffel tower behind a bridge in twilight
Paris at night.
Paris, France.

frog in the water
Jerusalem, Israel.

poppy flowers in bright red
Jerusalem, Israel.

stone wall with window looking out to a tree
View from Starkenburg.
Heppenheim, Germany.

lawn in front of a house with trees and flowering crocusses
Wild crocus blossom.
Zavelstein, Germany.

details of flower with white petals
Suriname cherry-to-be.
Heidelberg, Germany.

narrow path with walls on both sides
Heidelberg, Germany.

details of a hibiscus flower
Carpel of a hibiscus.
Heidelberg, Germany.

bare trees with clouds in sunset color in the background
Trees in sunset.
Heidelberg, Germany.

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