Selected former pictures of the week

roses in a bouquet
Life in rose.
Heidelberg, Germany.

cherry tree with flowers and dark clouds in the background
All facets of spring.
Heidelberg, Germany.

inside a long tunnel with tiled walls and dim lights
Pedestrian tunnel connecting two neighbourhoods.
Prague, Czech Republic.

window with bars in a brick wall
In a quiet side street.
Bratislava, Slovakia.

ugly flak tower with some trees in winter
Bizarre ensemble in the Augarten.
Vienna, Austria.

two violet crocuses with a bee
Heralds of spring.
Heidelberg, Germany.

tree with rimes, enlightened by the sun, in black and white
Rimed tree in the spotlight.
Oberwolfach, Germany.

tree with lights in evening mood
A winter evening at the Hohenzollern castle.
Bisingen, Germany.

cubical building with glass fronts
Architecture around the main station
Berlin, Germany.

mountain ridge above blue water
La Grande Candelle above the Mediterranean.
Luminy, France.

brown mushrooms growing out of the mossy trunk of a tree
Mushrooms at the Dilsberg.
Neckargemünd, Germany.

details of a violett garden cosmos
Garden cosmos.
Elzach, Germany.

street with people and decoration in green, white, and red
Beginning of Patriotic Month.
Oaxaca, Mexico.

ruins on top of a mountain with a wide view
Thunder storm on Monte Albán.
Oaxaca, Mexico.

climbing net that in the shape of a Moebius strip with pillars on grass
Climbable Moebius strip.
Morelia, Mexico.

two turtles next to a pond
Turtles in the pond of Throop Memorial Garden at Caltech.
Los Angeles, California.

large pile of fire wood with green hills in the background
Winter preparation in the black forest.
Elzach, Germany.

small street with half-timbered houses
In the streets of Colmar.
Colmar, France.

gears and hands in the computing parts
Inside the Astronomical clock.
Strasbourg, France.

turquoise water bathing bright stones
In the Valle Verzasca.
Verzasca, Switzerland.

metal sculpture with three triangles and a few more half edges of an icosahedron
Partial icosahedron at Monte Verità.
Ascona, Switzerland.

peacock displaying white feathers
White peacock in the zoo.
Karlsruhe, Germany.

hedgehog in grass
Hedgehog in the night.
Nahsholim, Israel.

gate from stones with a horse in a backyard
Backyard in the Old City.
Akko, Israel.

valley with trees and rocks
View to Lebanon.

big rounded window with a clock in the center
At Gare de l'Est.
Paris, France.

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