Selected former pictures of the week

multiple layers of mountains with trees and blue sky in the background
Black Forest idyll.
Feldberg, Germany.

Eiffel tower behind a bridge in twilight
Paris at night.
Paris, France.

frog in the water
Jerusalem, Israel.

poppy flowers in bright red
Jerusalem, Israel.

stone wall with window looking out to a tree
View from Starkenburg.
Heppenheim, Germany.

lawn in front of a house with trees and flowering crocusses
Wild crocus blossom.
Zavelstein, Germany.

details of flower with white petals
Suriname cherry-to-be.
Heidelberg, Germany.

narrow path with walls on both sides
Heidelberg, Germany.

details of a hibiscus flower
Carpel of a hibiscus.
Heidelberg, Germany.

bare trees with clouds in sunset color in the background
Trees in sunset.
Heidelberg, Germany.

water drops in the foreground with trees in sunset color in the background
Weather for contemplation at the end of the year.
Heidelberg, Germany.

trees with snow
Snow in the Black Forest.
Oberwolfach, Germany.

trees on the shore in black and white
Winter on the Sea of Galilee.
Capernaum, Israel.

branches reflecting on the surface of water
Reflections in the Sea of Galilee.
Capernaum, Israel.

cow on stony ground with trees
Free-browsing cow.
Misgav, Israel.

squirrel in a tree with a walnut
Preparing for the winter.
Heidelberg, Germany.

sun setting in the sea with branches in the foreground
Sunset in the Mediterranean.
Ventotene, Italy.

seagull from below during flight
Seagull joining the ferry.
Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy.

details of a spider that caught a fly
Spider vs. fly.
Heidelberg, Germany.

moon in the sky with some clouds and sunset colours
August nights.
Heidelberg, Germany.

historic buildings in the mountains from afar
Montorge Monastery.
Fribourg, Switzerland.

details of the flowers of a foxglove
Dangerous beauty.
Oberwolfach, Germany.

small water wheel with a figure of a frog
Guardian of the fountain.
Oberwolfach, Germany.

pink flowers with some rain drops
Rain and sunshine.
Heidelberg, Germany.

four-part window with flowering cherry tree behind the glass
The beauty of home-office.
Heidelberg, Germany.

detail of bike spokes in black and white
Bye-bye, bike.
Toronto, Ontario.

branches of trees in front of an orange sky with sun
Sunset in Saharan dust.
Heidelberg, Germany.

shiny branches of birch in front of blue sky
Birch in the last days of winter.
Horb, Germany.

red chair and blue railing with snow
Still life in snow.
Heidelberg, Germany.

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