Selected pictures of the week from 2016

tree on top of Scarborough Bluffs
A winter day at the Scarborough Bluffs.
Scarborough, Ontario

Bridalveil Fall with moon close to rising
Bridalveil Fall just before moon rise.
Yosemite, California

tunnel in Yosemite
Tunnel in a full moon night.
Yosemite, California

structures of Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge, seen from below.
San Francisco, California

San Francisco over the Bay on a cloudy day
View on San Francisco.
Berkeley, California

walnut tree in front of fall colors
Walnut tree in my temporary garden.
Berkeley, California

floating water in the Bronte Creek
Bronte Creek in Lowville Park.
Burlington, Ontario

ceiling with stars in the church
The stars at the ceiling of Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica.
Ottawa, Ontario

waterfalls with fall colors
Fall foliage at the Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls.
Dwight, Ontario

red jellyfish in blue water
Jellyfish in an aquarium.
Toronto, Ontario

Washington Monument at dawn
The Washington Monument at dawn.
Washington, D.C.

library at Osgoode Hall
Inside The Great Library at the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Toronto, Ontario

lavender and japanese maple
Lavender and japanese maple in the light of sunset.
Horb, Germany

bridge in Horb, Germany
Bridge over the Neckar.
Horb, Germany

Sunset in Lake Huron.
Tobermory, Ontario

Dragonfly at a Conservation Area.
Crawford Lake, Ontario

Interior of Canadian Parliament
Interior of the Center Block of the parliament buildings.
Ottawa, Ontario

University College
University College at University of Toronto.
Toronto, Ontario

Nathan Phillips Square
This is Downtown Toronto - people, color, water, sun, and concrete buildings.
Toronto, Ontario

Don Valley Brick Works
Don Valley Brick Works on market day.
Toronto, Ontario

cherry blossom Crab apple (?) blossom at High Park.
Toronto, Ontario

lizard A lizard with dewlap.
Oaxaca, Mexico

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