Selected pictures of the week from 2020

bright flowers and ivy on vertically arranged pallets
Inmid the construction at the train station.
Stuttgart, Germany.

mountains and trees with sun shining on clouds
First sunshine in December.
Heidelberg, Germany.

mountains with clouds
Dramatic view from my office.
Heidelberg, Germany.

maple leaves from green to yellow, orange, and red
Fall colors.
Toronto, Ontario.

water, ice, clouds
Non-perpetual ice.

many flamingos in a lake
Flamingos in the zoo.
Heidelberg, Germany.

fruits on a tomato plant, one fruit with appendix
Heidelberg, Germany.

edge of a building and clouds in the light of sunset
Old clinic building on campus.
Heidelberg, Germany.

a green door in a red brick wall with leaves in the foreground
Back door in a laneway.
Toronto, Ontario.

metal construction of a bridge
Canadian Pacific Railway Bridge in E.T. Seton Park.
Toronto, Ontario.

stem of a tree with shapes that look like head and feet
May I introduce my friend outside the window?
Toronto, Ontario.

snow pellets on wood
Canadian weather (in May!).
Toronto, Ontario.

cherry flowers on a branch against the sky with white clouds
Tree of genus Prunus.
Toronto, Ontario.

little white flowers on a branch
Dry gypsophila from last summer.
Toronto, Ontario.

bark of a tree with yellow buds
Spring in the Music Garden.
Toronto, Ontario.

reflection of arches with decorating stars in the pool at Nathan Phillips Square
Christmas decoration and spring sun in the pool at Nathan Phillips Square.
Toronto, Ontario.

chipmunk on a branch on the ground with colorful leaves around
Nature's still there.
Toronto, Ontario.

white and blue ice layer on a lake with trees in the background
Still frozen at Evergreen Brick Works.
Toronto, Ontario.

branch of a cherry tree with many blossoms
Cherry blossom on the campus of University Heidelberg.
Heidelberg, Germany.

rime on dry blackberries with blue sky in the background
Rime on blackberry leaves and fruits.
Horb, Germany.

front of the church
Ludwigskirche (Lutheran baroque-style church).
Saarbrücken, Germany.

lower walls of a former blast furnace with moss and reflections in a water surface
Blast furnace turned into art.
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

five icicles of different shapes (black/white)
More winter.
Toronto, Ontario.

bare branches with snow in the foreground (black/white)
Toronto, Ontario.

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