Selected pictures of the week from 2018

many standing and some flying cranes with mountains in the background
Cranes on their migration.
Agamon HaHula, Israel.

sun behind the clouds over the sea
Sunset over the Mediterranean.
Rosh HaNikra, Israel.

magnets in the form of Christmas trees, one with a golden label 'love'
A little bit of love for Christmas.
Etobicoke, Ontario.

window with broken pieces of glass
Neighbourhood house under renovation.
Toronto, Ontario.

traintracks overgrown with trees in fall colors
Fall over the abandoned Don Branch.
Toronto, Ontario.

people between bridge pillars with reflection of blue light in smoke
WATERLICHT installation by Daan Roosegaarde.
Toronto, Ontario.

close-up of the inflorescence of a fountain grass with water drops
Fountain grass after rain in the Royal Botanical garden.
Hamilton, Ontario.

indigo lactarius upside down on forest soil
Gills of an indigo lactarius.
Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario.

close-up of a purple coneflower with orange disk florets
Detail of a purple coneflower.
Toronto, Ontario.

skyline of Toronto with reflection in Lake Ontario during sunset
Sunset behind the skyline.
Toronto, Ontario.

far away skyline of Toronto
Witnessing the curvature of the globe - Toronto seen from the other side.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

closeup of an orange daylily with green gras as background
Flower of an orange daylily.
Horb, Germany.

Lac Achard with trees on the waterside and mountains with snow in the background (black and white)
Lac Achard in the Alps.
Chamrousse, France.

pentagons, flower, and sweets in a small mirror room
Reflecting the summer school topics.
Grenoble, France.

insect in black and yellow on a wooden table
Unusual conference participant.
Grenoble, France.

violet osteospermum
Detail of an osteospermum flower.
Toronto, Ontario.

starling in flight next to blossoms of a cherry tree
Starling at the sakura in High Park.
Toronto, Ontario.

bumblebee on a white to mauve rhododendron blossom
Bumblebee on a rhododendron.
Montreal, Quebec.

yellow fire hydrant in shallow water
Lonely fire hydrant.
Scarborough, Ontario.

tree in front of ruins of Kenilworth Castle
Tree in the British spring.
Kenilworth, UK.

purple blossom with rain drops
Flowers in the rain.
Coventry, UK.

colorful shoes on shoe shelves
Shoe shelves in one of the props rooms of Staatstheater Darmstadt.
Darmstadt, Germany.

red flowers with a very narrow depth of field
Artificial flowers for the stage design of Staatstheater Darmstadt.
Darmstadt, Germany.

high zoom on icicle
Detail of an icicle in front of my window.
Toronto, Ontario.

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