Selected pictures of the week from 2019

bottle opener of SWFC with blue lights in the night
Rare sight: Shanghai World Financial Center from above.
Shanghai, China.

first sunlight on a mountain with more mountain ranges in the distance
Sunrise at Yellow Mountain.
Huangshan, China.

silhouette of a tree in front of mountains
Huangshan pine in the sunset.
Huangshan, China.

sandy beach and palm trees
Subtropical beginning of advent.
Okinawa, Japan.

an old-fashioned control panel with many buttons
Technology in a hotel.
Okinawa, Japan.

trees and leaves and trees and branches and ...
Fairyland at the end of the Dipsea trail.
Marine Headland, California.

tree with golden leaves in front of a lake
Fall in Gongqing Forest Park.
Shanghai, China.

detail of an insect on a dark staircase
Halloween Special.
Beijing, China.

rugged Great Wall in the foreground with a tower in the fogg in the background
Hiking the unrestored part of the Great Wall.
Bohaizhen, China.

three glass cones with black background
In the parfum exhibition at the Power Station of Art.
Shanghai, China.

wooden chair in mid of green lawn
Lonely chair on the new campus of Fudan University.
Shanghai, China.

detail of a large pile of bamboo sticks
Pile of bamboo on the sidewalk.
Shanghai, China.

ship containers in different colours piled on top of each other
In the neighborhood of the world's busiest container port.
Shanghai, China.

reflection of buildings and clouds in a lake
Mirror Lake in Century Park.
Shanghai, China.

green cucamelons on a yellow place mat
Cucamelon season.
Toronto, Ontario.

bush of lavender with many flowers
Lavender in a garden.
Horb, Germany.

blue bridge from the side with leaves in the foreground and background
Drahtschmidlisteg over the Limmat.
Zürich, Switzerland.

some stones with water from the falls in long exposure
At the foot of the waterfall at Rock Glen Conservation Area.
Lambton Shores, Ontario.

driftwood on the beach with cloudy sky during sunset
Sunset at Lake Huron.
Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario.

black and white picture of the ROM against the sky
Outside the Royal Ontario Museum.
Toronto, Ontario.

detail of a rusty pillar of a bridge
Pillar of a bridge over the Androscoggin River.
Brunswick, Maine.

old red VW beetle in front of a green wall
Beetle on the street.
Oaxaca, Mexico.

lighthouse with reflection in a water puddle
Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
Toronto Islands, Ontario.

unrolled fern
Young fern.
Toronto Islands, Ontario.

small flower from a tree on a picnic table
One of many tiny flowers of a tree.
San Jose, California.

two women sitting in front of a panorama window with mountain view
At the airport.
Bozeman, Montana.

mountains with dark trees and snow in b/w
Mountains and snow.
Bozeman, Montana.

detail of red petals of a primula with water drops
Petals of a primula.
Bloomington, Indiana.

ruins of the castle at Heidelberg with some trees on a grey spring day
Dark romanticism at Heidelberg's castle.
Heidelberg, Germany.

snow in front of a building with bunches of ornamental grass
Ornamental grass in winter.
Toronto, Ontario.

frozen rain drops on the tip of a metall fence
Freezing rain in the early evening.
Toronto, Ontario.

snow on trees and house with more snow falling in the foreground
More winter weather at University of Toronto.
Scarborough, Ontario.

frozen rain on a window in detail
What makes University of Toronto close their campus.
Scarborough, Ontario.

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