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Research Interests

  • Mirror symmetry and D-branes
  • Global constraints on string compactifications
  • Topological field and string theory
  • Applications in geometry, topology and algebra
  • Hodge theory
  • Real enumerative geometry
  • Theories of knot homology


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Theses Supervised

Doctoral Theses

  • “Analytic Properties of s-Functions” Dr. Luis Felipe Müller, 2021 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Exponential networks and representations of Quivers” Dr. Sam Selmani, 2017 McGill University/ Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Extended Frobenius Manifolds and the Open WDVV Equations” Dr. Adam Alcolado, 2017 McGill University / Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Real Mirror Symmetry and The Real Topological String” Dr. Daniel Krefl, 2009 LMU Physics (Co-supervision)

Master theses

  • “Perturbative Chern-Simons Theory from Pseudoholomorphic Discs” Simon Heuveline, 2021 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Haag’s Theorem revisited” Josephine Grau, 2021 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Formulation of Supersymmetric Theories using Integral Forms” Andrea Grossutti, 2021 Università degli studi di Padova / Heidelberg University Physics (Co-supervision)
  • “Higher Gauge Theory and its Applications” Benjamin Haake, 2021 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Superconformal Multiplets in d=4 Spacetime Dimensions” Steffen Schmidt, 2021 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “The BV Formalism, \(L_\infty\)-Algebras and their Applications to Supersymmetry and Chern-Simons Theory” Fabian Hahner, 2020 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Holomorphic linking on an Elliptic Curve” Fabio Schlindwein, 2020 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “The exceptional Superconformal Algebra D(2, 1; α): Construction of Supermultiplets via Nilpotence Varieties and harmonic Superspace” Joan Aitor Austrich Olivares, 2019 Heidelberg University Physics (Co-supervision)
  • “The Geometry of Supermoduli Space and its Relation to Perturbative Superstring Theory” Lukas Hahn, 2018 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “A survey of Defects in N = 4 Supersymmetric Yang –Mills Theory” Michael Bleher, 2017 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Bounding the heat trace of a Calabi Yau manifold” Marc-Antoine Fiset, 2015 McGill Physics
  • “Enumeration of Real Lines on Smooth Cubic Surfaces” Adam Alcolado, 2013 McGill Mathematics
  • “Lines on one-parameter calabi-yau hypersurfaces” Robert Jefferson, 2013 McGill Physics

Bachelor theses

  • “Propositional Lattices in Quantum Mechanics - Axioms and their Physical Interpretation" Moritz Merz, 2022 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Understanding classical field theories on spacetime with boundary" Mario Bühler, 2022 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “The Three-Body Problem and the Shape Space" Niels Gehrig, 2021 Heidelberg University Physics (Co-supervision)
  • “Khovanov Homology" Jonas Cassel, 2021 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Reformulation of a No-Go Theorem for regular Super-Poincaré Off-Shell Representations in various Dimensions and how to employ Harmonic Superspace to partially circumvent it" Sebastian Benedikt Flad, 2021 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Physical Discussion of the Singularity Theorems in Special Relativity" Eric Jacob, 2020 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “A mathematical Formalism for Entanglement Entropy" Cord Lampe, 2020 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Non-affine Landau-Ginzburg Models and Matrix Factorizations" Markus Zetto, 2020 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Consistent Kaluza-Klein Dimensional Reduction of Variational Problems" Alexander Kunkel, 2020 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Konstruktionen von Instanton-Lösungen mit Ausblick auf ADHM” Marcel Renkert, 2020 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Quantization of the Free 2-Form Gauge Field” Hannes Keppler, 2019 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Cherns-Simons Theory and Khovanov Homology” Niklas Merk, 2019 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Conformal Symmetry in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model” Steffen Schmidt, 2019 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “An introduction to Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory” Jakob Ulmer, 2019 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “The Volume Spectrum of Hyperbolic 3-manifolds” Paula Naomi Pilatus, 2019 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Calibrations and mathematical aspects of BPS Branes” Raphael Senghaas, 2019 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “On a Brown Representability Theorem for Triangulated Categories with a Perfect generator” Edith Hübner, 2018 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Black Objects in 4+1 Spacetime Dimensions” Gönenc Mogol, 2018 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “On Zeta-regularised Casimir Energies and their application to Hadronic Bag Models” Thomas Gaskin, 2017 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Arithmetics of Holography, p-Adic AdS/CFT and Discrete Black Holes” Menelaos Zikidis, 2017 Heidelberg University Mathematics
  • “Supersymmetrischer Blick auf Symmetrie-Klassen” Sascha Holzer, 2016 Heidelberg University Physics
  • “Instantons in Quantum Mechanics” Bo Jing 2008 ETH Zurich Physics