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Vorlesung "Geometry of Manifolds"
Sommersemester 2017

Lectures & TA sessions

  • Friday 2 - 6 pm in INF 205, SR 3



In this lecture, I will explain why geometry has an important role to play in the theory of low dimensional manifolds in addition to the use of purely topological methods. In particular, I will introduce some of the amazing works of Thurston and discuss the various geometries which can arise in manifolds.


Students should ideally have some background in differential geometry and algebraic topology.


Please register at MÜSLI.

Office hours

  Time Place
Dr. Gye-Seon Lee Wed. 11:00-12:00 INF 205, Room 03.328

Please send a short e-mail to me before your visit.


03. 05. 2017Homework 1
23. 05. 2017Homework 2
13. 06. 2017Homework 3
05. 07. 2017Homework 4

Exam info

There will be an oral exam on the 21st of July.


This lecture will be taught in English.


  • Benedetti, Petronio: Lectures on hyperbolic geometry.
  • Kapovich: Hyperbolic manifolds and discrete groups.
  • Martelli: An introduction to geometric topology.
  • Matsuzaki, Taniguchi: Hyperbolic manifolds and Kleinian groups.
  • Ratcliffe: Foundations of hyperbolic manifolds.
  • Thurston: Three-dimensional geometry and topology; Volume 1.
  • Thurston: The geometry and topology of three-manifolds.
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