Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Bachelor/Master Seminar (Junior Geometry Seminar)
Summer semester 2021

Time and date

The seminar is planned to happen Monday, 4-5.30pm, in Seminarraum B. As long as necessary, we will meet online. Please contact the organizer to receive the link to our online meeting. The schedule of the previous semester is here .

Preliminary schedule

Date Name Title of talk
April 19 Thi Dang Technology check
May 3 Gianna Götzmann Contact structure induced by line fibrations
June 21 Benedikt Pfahls Schottky Groups
June 28 Tom Stalljohann On Lehman's cut Construction
July 5
Nikolas Uesseler The topological sphere theorem
July 5
Maurice Schneider Brouwer's fixed point theorem and its applications in economics
July 12 Peter Martin The Jacobowitz-Hartman Theorem
July 26 Anna Ziegler Global surfaces of section and the Hopf fibration