Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Bachelor/Master Seminar (Junior Geometry Seminar)
Winter semester 2020

Time and date

The seminar is planned to happen Monday, 4-6pm, in Seminarraum B. As long as necessary, we will meet online. Please contact the organizer to receive the link to our online meeting. The schedule of the previous semester is here .

Preliminary schedule

Date Name Title of talk
November 2 Thi Dang Technology check
November 9 Hannes Schwab Asymptotic geometry of the Higgs bundle moduli space
November 30 at 4.15 pm Raphael Schlarb Magnetic geodesics on the two-sphere
December 7 Menelaos Zikidis G-opers and the Hitchin sections
December 14 Levin Maier Infinite dimensional Riemannian geometry meets mathematical physics
December 21st, 28th and January 4th Christmast Break no talk
January 11 Fabian Lander Introduction to Symplectic Billiards in the Plane
February 1 Anna Ziegler Global surfaces of Section and the Hopf Fibration
February 15 Jacob Niessner Caustics in convex billiards
February 22 Niels Gehrig The 3-body problem and shape space
March 1 Jannis Heising Right-angled Artin groups