Workshops & Seminars

April 07, 2022 Fifth Meeting for Young Women in Mathematics 'Cohomological Methods in Geometry'

Talk: On the Hofer-Zehnder capacity of magnetic surfaces via pseudo-holomorphic curves

March 31, 2022 Séminaire Doctorants

Talk: Symplectic homology of a ball

March 21, 2022 Séminaire Géométrie et applications

Talk: On the Hofer-Zehnder capacity of magnetic systems on spaces with constant holomorphic sectional curvature

October 05, 2021 RTG Seminar

Talk: Periodic orbits via pseudo-holomorphic curves

June 23, 2021 Seminar on Geometric Problems in PDEs

Talk: Level sets of Minimal Graphs

June 15, 2021 Seminar on Supergeometry

Talk: Odd Symplectic Supermanifolds

May 05, 2021 CP7 Seminar

Talk: Magnetic Systems in Symplectic Geometry

January 11, 2021 Dynamical Systems Seminar

Talk: On the Hofer–Zehnder capacity for twisted tangent bundles over closed surfaces

SS 2020 Blockseminar on Topological K-Theory

Talk: Bott Periodicity

SS 2020 Seminar on Variational methods for convex Hamiltonian systems

Talk: Weak KAM solutions and dynamics

SS 2020 Symplectic Topics Seminar on H-principles

Talk: Wrinkled Submersions

February 19–22, 2020 Winter school on Implicit Function Theorems
WS 2019 Seminar on Mirror Symmetry

Talk: Homological Mirror Symmetry for Elliptic Curves

December 16, 2020 Symplectic Geometry Seminar

Talk: Hofer-Zehnder Capacity for Magnetic Systems on the Two-Sphere

SS 2019 Blockseminar on Differential Forms

Talk: Compactly Supported Differential Forms

August 5–9, 2019 Summer school on Persistent Homology and Barcodes
SS 2019 Symplectic Topics Seminar on Holomorphic Curves in Low Dimensions

Talk: Pseudo-Holomorphic Curves

WS 2018 Seminar on Integrable Hamiltonian Systems and the KAM-Theorem

Talk: KAM Theorem I: The statement

July 30, 2018 Symplectic Geometry Seminar

Talk: Ising Model, Dimers and Fermions