Higgs bundles in Geometry and Physics

Uni Heidelberg

Workshop "Higgs Bundles in Geometry and Physics"

February 29 - March 3, 2016


IWH Heidelberg
Hauptstraße 242
69117 Heidelberg
Directions, Map



Time Mon Feb 29 Tue Mar 1 Wed Mar 2 Thu Mar 3
09:00-10:00 h Steve Bradlow Roger Bielawski Steven Rayan Qiongling Li
11:00-12:00 h Laura Schaposnik Andy Neitzke Jochen Heinloth Daniele Alessandrini
14:00-15:00 h Rafe Mazzeo Du Pei Ludmil Katzarkov Ana Peón-Nieto
15:30-16:30 h Laura Fredrickson Discussion session Carlos Simpson Michael Wolf
17:00-18:00 h Sebastian Heller   Discussion session  
19 h     Conference dinner  

All talks will take place at IWH Heidelberg. The conference dinner is at Restaurant Backmulde which is a short walk away from IWH (see Map).


If you are not an invited speaker, please register by email to Jan Swoboda. There is no registration fee. Please indicate if you intend to participate in the conference dinner (students: 20 EUR, non-students: 35 Euro).

Reimbursement for the speakers

Reimbursement forms are available from the organizers, and for download as pdf and doc files. The secretary, Anja Kamp, will be present during the coffee break on Wednesday morning to collect receipts and to assist with the paperwork. Please return the documents to her via e-mail or postal mail to the following address:

Anja Kamp
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Philosophenweg 16
D-69120 Heidelberg




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