Alexander Schmidt: On the étale site of a marked scheme

       Author:  Alexander Schmidt
       Title:  On the étale site of a marked scheme, Appendix to "Toward good families of codes from towers of surfaces" by Alain Couvreur, Philippe Lebacque, and Marc Perret
       Year: 2021
       In:  In  Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 770, "Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory" (Editors: St. Ballet, G. Bisson, and I. Bouw), 2021, 94-101

       Abstract: We verify basic properties of the étale site of a `scheme with marking'. The coverings are étale coverings that split over all marked points.
Familiar cases are the small étale site (no marking) and the Nisnevich site (all points are marked).

        pdf-file: marked-site.pdf.  

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