Heidelberg Life Science Lab

I am a mentor of the Math group of the Heidelberger Life Science Lab. The Heidelberger Life Science Lab was founded by the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (German Cancer Reseach Center) to foster high school students who are particularly interested in Math and life sciences. In our group we are currently four mentors and 16 students. This year we are working on graph theory and examine different structures and methods of proofs. In the last two years we concerned ourselves with group theory applied to the Rubik's Cube and game theory.

Upstream Program

At our university we have a mentoring program for women in Mathematics called Upstream. It is open to all women interested in Math, from high school students to professors, and includes not only mentoring but also many activities (workshops, excursions) and a monthly lunch break to get to know each other, plan more activities and ask questions. If you are interested, fell free to come over!