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„Hilbert schemes and enumerative geometry“
Emil Artin Lecture
Frau Prof. Dr. Claire Voisin, Collège de France, Chaire de mathématique “géométrie algébrique

Consider an algebraic curve in 3-space; when projected generically to a plane, it will acquire a number of double points. This number depends only on the degree and the genus of the curve. Computing similar numbers when the curve is replaced by a surface arbitrarily embedded will be the subject of the lecture. One key difference with the curve case is the fact that we have to work with the Hilbert scheme of k points, instead of the k-th symmetric product, and I will spend some time on the construction of the Hilbert scheme. The main result I will present is the Lehn conjecture, now a theorem, computing all these numbers for all surfaces in terms of their numerical (complex cobordism) invariants.

Donnerstag, den 11. Juli 2019 um 17.15 Uhr, in INF 205, HS Mathematikon Donnerstag, den 11. Juli 2019 at 17.15, in INF 205, HS Mathematikon

Der Vortrag folgt der Einladung von The lecture takes place at invitation by Prof. J. Walcher, Prof. G. Böckle