Large caps in small spaces

coauthor Jürgen Bierbrauer

Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 23 (2001), 197-212.


Errata in the printed version:

page 205 line -2: it is a $534$-cap and $20$ extension ponts.

page 205 the last table is missing two extension points.

page 206 line 1 and page 212 table 4: replace $532$ by $534$.

The errors are corrcted in the attached PDF.


We construct large caps in projective spaces of small dimension (up to 11) defined over fields of order at most 9. The constructions are both theoretical and computer-supported. Some more computer-generated 4-dimensional caps over larger fields are also mentioned.

The generator matrices of the computer-generated caps can be found here.

Download the preprint as pdf.

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