Twisted BCH-codes

coauthor Jürgen Bierbrauer

Journal of Combinatorial Designs 5, 5 (1997) 377-389.



We develop the theory of a generalization of the notion of BCH-code to additive codes, which are not necessarily linear. The usefulness of this notion is demonstrated by constructing a large number of record-breaking linear codes via concatenation.

The same type of codes, there named "subspace subcodes of Reed-Solomon codes (SSRS)", were discovered and investigated, in the case of characteristic 2, independently by Hattori et al.:
M. Hattori, R.J. McEliece and G.Solomon, Subspace subcodes of Reed-Solomon codes, IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 44 (1998), pp. 1861-1880.

Download the preprint as pdf.

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