Some good quantum twisted codes

I give here some examples of good GF(q)-linear q2-ary quantum twisted codes for

q=2, length up to 1000

q=3, length up to 1000

q=4, length up to 1000

q=5, length up to 1000

q=7, length up to 1000

q=8, length up to 1000

q=9, length up to 1000

Codes which were obtained by Theorem 8 (standard lengthening) show an "e" in the "A" column. The distance was found by the BCH-bound. For more details and definitions see quantum twisted codes.

The tables were newly generated on 10/9/2020. The previous version contained a few wrong codes due to an error in the generating program. The wrong codes can be found here. I would like to thank Markus Grassl for pointing this out.

For nonbinary quantum codes see also, as a reference, the paper of A. Ashikhmin and E. Knill (LANL preprint, quant-ph/0005008).

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