Workshop on Flat Conformal Lorentzian Structures

February 18 - 20, 2010

at Princeton University.

Thierry Barbot (Univ. d'Avignon)
Virginie Charette (Univ. de Sherbrooke)
Todd Drumm (Howard Univ.)
Charles Frances (Univ. Paris-Sud)
Bill Goldman (Univ. of Maryland)
Olivier Guichard (CNRS Univ. Paris-Sud, IAS)
Yoshi Kamishima (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Karin Melnick (Univ. of Maryland)
Jean-Marc Schlenker (Univ. de Toulouse)

Starts Thursday, February 18 in the morning.
Ends Saturday, February 20 in the afternoon.
Organizers: Bill Goldman, Anna Wienhard

Tentative Schedule

All talks will take place in the Professor's Lounge (PL) on the top floor of Fine Hall.

For further information contact
Anna Wienhard