Workshop on Ergodic Decompositions of representation varieties

October 17 - 19, 2011

at Princeton University.

Tarik Aougab (Yale Univeristy)
Richard Canary (Univeristy of Michigan)
Daryl Cooper (UCSB)
Tsachik Gelander (Hebrew University)
Yair Glasner (Ben Gurion University)
William Goldman (University of Maryland)
Asaf Hadari (University of Chicago)
Inkang Kim (KIAS)
Michelle Lee (University of Michigan)
Bernhard Leeb (LMU München)
Aaron Magid (University of Maryland)
Yoav Moriah (Technion Haifa)
Avni Nir (Harvard University)
Ser Peow Tan (National University of Singapore)
Anna Wienhard (Princeton University)

Starts Monday, October 17, 2011 in the morning.
Ends Wednesday, October 19, 2011 in the late afternoon
Organizers: Daryl Cooper, William Goldman, Gregory Margulis, Yair Minsky, Anna Wienhard
Funded by the National Science Foundation award DMS 1065919 FRG: Collaborative Research: "Deformation Spaces of Geometric Structures".

Tentative Schedule

Unless noted otherwise the talks will take place in the Professor's Lounge (PL) on the top floor of Fine Hall.

For further information contact
Anna Wienhard