Geometry and Dynamics

Summer Term 2024

Venue: Thursdays 16-18 in SR 7

Preliminary Schedule

Date Speaker Title Supervisor
May 2
May 9 no meeting (public holiday)
May 16 Anna-Sophie Sawitzki Cycle Decompositions of Graphs with High Minimum Degree Joos
May 23 Karl Schamel Curve complexes are rigid Randecker
May 30 no meeting (public holiday)
June 4 (Tuesday) Emanuel Roth (14:15 SR 8) The Harder-Narasimhan reduction of a principal bundle Schaffhauser
June 6 no meeting (Bochum)
June 13
June 20 Verena Waibel (14:15 SR 5) Gleichseitige Triangulierungen der Sphaere Randecker
June 20 Abdul Kerim Sehi Monotone twist maps in dynamical billiard systems Albers
June 27 Jonas Hofsaess Approximately counting Hamilton cycles in dense directed graphs Joos
July 4 Liva Diler Equivariant Cohomology of Real Varieties Schaffhauser
July 11 Dominik Schweisgut Motif-free Graph Generation Joos
July 15 (Monday, tbc) Colin Kuehner (16:15 SR 11) Outer symplectic billiard on Lagrangian submanifolds Albers
July 18 Stefan Langenberg (14:15 SR 12) Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms of even-dimensional balls and Reeb flows on odd-dimensional spheres Albers
July 18 Chenyi Yang Cell Complexes in Homotopy Type Theory Schaffhauser
July 25 no meeting (Anosov conference)
August 1 Leon Weiss Matchings of Induced Subgraphs Joos
August 8 Jannis Heising Characterising Canonical Graph Decompositions Joos


Arthur Limoge
Tobias Witt

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