Alexander Schmidt: Rings of integers of type K(π,1)

       Author: Alexander Schmidt
       Title:  Rings of integers of type K(π,1)
       Year: 2007
       Pages:  31
       in:  Documenta Mathematica 12 (2007), 441-471

      Abstract: We investigate the Galois group GS(p) of the maximal p-extension unramified outside a finite S of primes of a number field in the (tame) case, when no prime dividing p is in S. We show that the cohomology of GS(p) is 'often' isomorphic to the etale cohomology of the scheme Spec(Ok \ S), in particular, GS(p) is of cohomological dimension 2 then.

       Link to Journal, preprint pdf-file kpi1.pdf.   See also the sequel .