Ingmar Akira Saberi


At Heidelberg:

Summer term 2018:
We'll be organizing a seminar on AdS/CFT and other large-N dualities. More information coming soon.
Winter term 2017/2018:
No teaching this term? There's a class on supergeometry and supergravity being taught by Prof. Walcher. I may help out with that in some small way.
Summer term 2017:
Master's seminar on Topological quantum field theories and their physical applications. For more information, see the website.
(With Prof. Johannes Walcher and Dr. Richard Eager.)
Winter term 2016/2017:
No teaching this term.

At Caltech:

Physics 2abc (waves, quantum mechanics, statistical physics). More information at the course website — click here for Ph 2c.
Physics 12a (waves); Physics 250b, grader (string theory); Physics 12c (statistical physics).
Physics 2ab (waves, quantum mechanics, statistical physics).
Physics 2ab (waves, quantum mechanics, statistical physics); Physics 1c analytic (electromagnetism).
Physics 1abc, practical (mechanics and electromagnetism).

At Princeton:

grader, MAT 104 (Calculus II); grader, MAT 204 (Advanced Linear Algebra).
Also served as a peer tutor for introductory math and physics.
grader, MAT 109 (The Magic of Numbers).
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