Gutachten Wiener



January 2, 1935.
Mr. Jacob Billikopf
1012 Melrose Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
My dear Mr. Billikopf:

My colleague, Professor Dresden, has acquainted me with the fact that you are helping him in a campaign to secure the continued residence of Professor Emmy Noether at Bryn Mawr College. He has asked me to express my opinion of the status of Miss Noether.

Miss Noether is a great personality; the greatest woman mathematician who has ever lived; and the greatest woman scientist of any sort now living, and a scholar at least on the plane of Madame Curie. Leaving all questions of sex aside, she is one of the ten or twelve leading mathematicians of the present generation in the entire world and has founded what is certain to be the most important close-knit group of mathematicians in Germany--the Modern School of Algebraists. Even after she was deprived of her position in Germany on account of her sex, race and liberal attitude, numbers of students (men as well as women) continued to meet at her rooms for mathematical instruction. Of all the cases of German refugees, whether in this country or elsewhere, that of Miss Noether is without doubt the first to be considered.

If I can furnish you with any further information concerning Miss Noether, I shall be delighted to do it.

I remain, Respectfully yours

/s/ Norbert Wiener

Professor in the Department of Mathematics