Seminar: Dynamics on Teichmüller space

Sommersemester 2019

Prof. Anna Wienhard, Prof. Peter Albers, Arnaud Maret, Mareike Pfeil


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Time and Location

Thursdays, 9-11am, SR 3

Organizational meeting

Tuesday, 16.04.19, 10.45 am, Room 03.414, 3rd floor, Mathematikon


Let S be a closed oriented surface of genus g at least 2. In this seminar, we learn about various aspects of dynamics on Teichmüller space T(S). We start with showing that the space of holomorphic quadratic differentials on a Riemann surface X can be identified with the cotangent space to T(S) at X. We then look at the SL(2,R)-action on T(S). Further topics will be decided during the course of the seminar.


Date Speaker Topic
16.04.2019 - Organizational meeting
25.04.2019 Arnaud Introduction to Teichmüller space
02.05.2019 Arnaud Coordinates on Teichmmüller space and deformation of complex structures
09.05.2019 Aarya Grötzsch's problem
16.05.2019 Gabriele Quadratic differentials and measured foliations
23.05.2019 Andy SL(2,R)-action on moduli space
30.05.2019 - Public Holiday
06.06.2019 Irene Period Coordinates and Masur-Veech measure
13.06.2019 - Workshop
20.06.2019 - Public Holiday
27.06.2019 - no seminar
04.07.2019 Arnaud TBD
11.07.2019 - no seminar
18.07.2019 - no seminar
25.07.2019 Mareike The results from Eskin, Mirzakhani and Mohammadi


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