Workshop Positivity

Young Researcher's Workshop on Positivity in Lie Groups

New date: July 19th to 23rd, 2021

CANCELLED until further notice

IWH Heidelberg

A nice panoramic photo of Heidelberg that Mareike took

The aim of this workshop is to understand the notion of total positivity and Theta-positivity and how it relates to Higher Teichmüller theory. Theta-positivity is a notion of positivity in semisimple Lie groups and was recently introduced by Guichard and Wienhard in Positivity and higher Teichmüller theory as a generalization of Lusztig's total positivity.

The workshop is aimed at graduate students that are interested in the topic. Every participant will play an active role in the seminar - either by preparing a talk, or by organizing an exercise session to consolidate what has been learned.

Download the abstract for the workshop as pdf, or a more detailed outline of the topics that are going to be covered.

Even though the workshop has been cancelled, there might be a chance that it will take place at a later time.

If you are interested in participating, write us an e-mail!

Venue and dates:
The Young Researcher's Workshop on Positivity in Lie Groups has been cancelled.

Location and travel:
Travel to Heidelberg is simple by train or by plane to Frankfurt am Main, which is an hour away by train from Heidelberg. All talks will take place at IWH. To get to the IWH from the main station (Heidelberg Hbf), take the bus 20 direction Karlsplatz for 12 minutes, get off at Karlsplatz and walk 3 minutes to IWH. There are also other bus options which might involve longer trips on the bus or longer walking.

Financial support and accommodation:
Accomodation for all participants will be provided at IWH in double rooms. We have limited funding to reimburse travel costs.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the STRUCTURES - Cluster of Excellence Young Researcher's Convent. We thank the IWH Heidelberg for providing its rooms.


Xenia Flamm (ETH Zurich), Mareike Pfeil (Heidelberg University)

You can send an email to xenia.flamm(you know the symbol) or mpfeil(you know the symbol)