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Journal Club on Topological Data Analysis (Winter 2020/21)

In recent years there has been a somewhat surprising flow of ideas from the mathematical branch of topology towards applications in the natural sciences. The tale of Topological Data Analysis (TDA) has it, that these methods provide a highly flexible, nonparametric approach to data analysis. Indeed, there are by now several well-known mathematical results that make statements of this kind rigorous. However, successful applica- tions of TDA often build on a deep intuition about the system in question and many theoretical aspects of TDA remain active fields of research.

The goal of this seminar is to bring together people from various backgrounds who are interested in TDA. In each session, we will have one of the participants present a paper that the audience can then discuss. Original contributions or suggestions for papers to talk about are always very welcome! Possible topics range from applications of TDA on real world problems to the abstract mathematical foundations of the subject.

For an entry point to TDA, a list of previous installments of this Journal Club, and similar activities, have a look at our wiki. Recordings of previous talks can be found on Mampf (requires sign-up).


Mondays, 11h15 - 12h45

We will meet on Zoom
Meeting-ID: 830 4593 4507
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Date Speaker Article Slides
Nov 9 Michael, Daniel, Max Organizational Meeting
Nov 16 - -
Nov 23 Maximilian Schmahl Structure of Semi-Continuous Q-Tame Persistence Modules
Schmahl (2020)
Nov 30 - -
Dec 7 Michael Bleher Magnitude meets persistence. Homology theories for filtered simplicial sets
Otter (2018)
Dec 14 Daniel Spitz The self-similar evolution of stationary point processes via persistent homology
Spitz, and Wienhard (2020)
Dec 21
Christmas Break
Dec 28
Christmas Break
Jan 4
Christmas Break
Jan 11 Arne Strehlow Persistent Homology of the Cosmic Web; Wilding et al.
Jan 18 Mathieu Carrière Structure and Stability of the 1-Dimensional Mapper; Carrière (2015)
Found Comput Math 18, 1333–1396 (2018)
Jan 25 Lukas Hahn Single-cell topological RNA-seq analysis reveals insights into cellular differentiation and development
Rizvi, Camara, Kandror, et al. (2017)
Nat Biotechnol 35, 551–560
ncbi (open access)
Feb 1 Sebastian Damrich
Differentiation via Persistent Homology
Damrich (work in progress)
based on arXiv:1906.05404
Feb 8 Tim Mäder Edge Collapse and Persistence of Flag Complexes
Boissonnat, Pritam (2020)
in proceedings of 36th International Symposium on Computational Geometry
hal-02873740 (open access)
Feb 15 Barbara Giunti Notes on pivot pairings
based on
Chachólski, Giunti, Jin, and Landi (2020) arXiv:2012.01033
Giunti (2021) arXiv:2101.00451
Mar 1 Sebastian Damrich Differentiation via Persistent Homology
Damrich (work in progress)
based on arXiv:1906.05404
March 15 Zahra Monfared Bifurcations and Chaos Detection in Complex Dynamical Systems & Time Series Analysis Using Persistent Homology
based on
Khushboo Mittal and Shalabh Gupta (2017)
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 27, 051102
Audun Myers, Elizabeth Munch, Firas A. Khasawneh (2019)
Phys. Rev. E 100, 022314