Ruprecht-Karls-Universit�t Heidelberg

Michael Bleher

Mathematisches Institut
Mathematikon, INF 205
Room 03/306
Office hours: by appointment

I am a Ph.D. student at Heidelberg University and a member of the research group "Mathematical Physics" of Prof. Dr. Johannes Walcher .

I'm interested in dualities and mathematical structures that naturally arise in quantum field theories and string theory. During my Ph.D. project I particularly concentrate on the emergence of knot homologies in topologically twisted quantum field theories and investigate their holographic duals. Related fields of interest include topological quantum field theory, string dualities, mirror symmetry and physical interpretations of the Geometric Langlands correspondence.


Graduate Teaching Assistant
Winter 2018/19
Höhere Mathematik für Physiker III (Prof. Knüpfer, Heidelberg)
Theoretische Physik I (Prof. Plehn, Heidelberg)
Summer 2018
Theoretische Physik II (Prof. Bartelmann, Heidelberg)
Winter 2017/18
Applied Topology I (Prof. Roggenkamp, Mannheim)