Seminar: Hyperbolic geometry, symmetry groups, and more

Prof. Dr. Anna Wienhard and Dr. Gye-Seon Lee

Wintersemester 2013/2014

Time and Location
Please refer to the schedule below.

In this seminar we will explore various topics related to symmetry groups, tilings of Euclidean or hyperbolic space, hyperbolic geometry and number theory. The format of the seminar is a bit unusual. At the organizational meeting we will propose several projects. Students will get together in teams to carry out one of the projects. The project consists of a theoretical part, which can/should be complemented by an "experimental part". The experimental part could consist for example of some numerical computations or visualization on the computer. Upon completion of the project each team will present the project in the seminar. The seminar is open for master and bachelor students. Some of the projects can also lead into a bachelor or master thesis.

There are several topics for students to choose from, and hence any interested students are welcome to attend. The seminar will be taught in English.

Students who would like to sign up for the seminar should come to the organization meeting or send an email to Gye-Seon Lee ( and let him know what project they would like to carry out. Once you have agreed on the topic of your project with him, you should contact him to discuss the content of your project in more detail. Please let him help you during the preparation of your presentation.

Date Time Speaker Title Building Room
January 10 09:00am - 10:30am Fabian Triangle reflection groups INF 294 -104
January 22 09:00am - 10:30am Sven and Tim Simplex reflection groups INF 288 HS 5

Please refer to the syllabus for more details.
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