Gye-Seon Lee

Universität Heidelberg
Mathematisches Institut
Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
69120 Heidelberg

Telefon: +49-6221-54-14219
E-Mail: lee [at]

Research Interests

Geometry and Topology: Geometric structures on manifolds and orbifolds, Hyperbolic and real projective geometry, Discrete subgroups of Lie groups, Coxeter groups, Knots and spatial graphs

Published or Accepted papers

(with Samuel A. Ballas and Jeffrey Danciger) Convex projective structures on non-hyperbolic three-manifolds, arXiv:1508.04794, to appear in Geometry and Topology

(with Suhyoung Choi and Ludovic Marquis) Deformations of convex real projective manifolds and orbifolds, arXiv:1605.02548, to appear in Handbook of Group Actions

(with Tengren Zhang) Collar lemma for Hitchin representations, Geometry and Topology 21 (2017), 2243–2280

(with Suhyoung Choi) Projective deformations of weakly orderable hyperbolic Coxeter orbifolds, Geometry and Topology 19 (2015), 1777-1828

(with Suhyoung Choi and Craig D. Hodgson) Projective deformations of hyperbolic Coxeter 3-orbifolds, Geometriae Dedicata 159 (2012), 125-167


(with Ludovic Marquis) Anti-de Sitter strictly GHC-regular groups which are not lattices, arXiv:1708.02101

(with Suhyoung Choi and Ludovic Marquis) Convex projective generalized Dehn filling, arXiv:1611.02505

(with Thierry Barbot and Viviane Pardini Valério) Pappus theorem, Schwartz representations and Anosov representations, arXiv:1610.04049


PhD, Mathematics, March 2006 - August 2010, KAIST
Advisor: Suhyoung Choi
Thesis Title: Projective Deformations of Hyperbolic Coxeter 3-Orbifolds

MSc, Mathematics, March 2002 - February 2006, KAIST
Advisor: Gyo Taek Jin
Thesis Title: A Study on Trisecants of Spatial Graphs

BSc, Mathematics, March 1998 - February 2002, KAIST, Summa cum laude

Work Experience

Akademischer Mitarbeiter, September 2012 - present, Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher, April - August 2012, Seoul National University (SNU), Korea

Temporary Postdoctoral Researcher, January - March 2012, Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), France
IHP program: Geometry and analysis of surface group representations

Postdoctoral Researcher, September 2010 - December 2011, SNU, Korea

Visiting Scholar, February - August 2009, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Mandatory Military Service, December 2001 - January 2004, Korea

Workshops Organized

(with Daniele Alessandrini) Geometric structures and representation varieties, February 19-22, 2018, Universität Heidelberg, Germany

(with Daniele Alessandrini and Ana Peón-Nieto) Higher Teichmüller theory and Higgs bundles: Interactions and new trends, November 2-6, 2015, IWH, Heidelberg, Germany

(with Sungwoon Kim) Geometric structures and representation varieties, November 10-14, 2014, KIAS, Seoul, Korea

last updated: January 20, 2018