Semisimple Lie groups: Classifications and Decompositions

Dates: 27. Feb. - 01. Mar. 2017

Location: University of Heidelberg, Mathematikon, Seminarraum A

Further Information: We will start in the morning at 10 am. There is no fixed schedule, because its better to have some flexibility. The talks should take at most 1:15 h to have enough time to discuss about the topics afterwards. We will have 10-15 min breaks between the talks. On the first two days we will have 3 talks and 4 talks on the third day. The speakers should prepare a handout.

Topics Speakers
Lie groups and Lie algebras
0. Introduction / Review on Lie groups Sourav
1. Solvable Lie groups and Levi decomposition Carla
2. Correspondence Lie groups vs. Lie algebras Annette
Complex semisimple Lie algebras
3. Cartan subalgebras Benjamin
4. Roots systems Jasmin
5. Classification of complex semisimple lie algebras Christoph
Compact Lie groups
8. Compact Lie groups Hartwig
Real semisimple Lie algebras
6. Compact real forms and Cartan decomposition Johannes
7. Vogan diagrams and classification of real forms Florian
Further topics
9. Lie-Theory of symmetric spaces Pascal

Here you find the PDF-document with the references: PDF

You find a treatment of the main parts of topic 3-8 in Samelson's "Notes on Lie Algebras" shorter than Knapp's.