Heidelberg, July 30 - August 3, 2012
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This is the fifth conference in a bi-annual series, following conferences in Besancon, Limoges, Irsee and Toronto. The meeting aims to bring together different strands of research in and closely related to the area of Iwasawa theory.

A preparatory lecture series will take place the week before the conference (23-27 July).

Organizers: Otmar Venjakob (Heidelberg), Thanasis Bouganis (Heidelberg).

Scientific Committee

John Coates (Cambridge)
Ralph Greenberg (Washington)
Cornelius Greither (München)
Masato Kurihara (Keio)
Thong Nguyen Quang Do (Besancon)

Some photos from the conference:

Sarah Zerbes' Photos, Otmar Venjakob's Photos, Thong Nguyen Quang Do's Photos.

Supported by the ERC Starting Grand IWASAWA and MATCH.