SS 2016 - Seminar AG Schmidt

Temkin's char(X)-desingularization

The seminar takes place every Tuesday in SR 3 (Mathematikon) at 11 c.t.

Here you can find the programm.


Talk 1 Overwiew Giulia
Talk 2 Log geometry Johannes A.
Talk 4 General Prerequisites Malte
Talk 5 Valuations and Pank's theorem Malte
Talk 6 The space of Valuations Gregor
Talk 7 Tame distillation Giulia
Talk 3 The monoidal desingularization functor Armin
Talk 8 Key Theorem Johannes A.
Talk 9 Main Theorem Katharina
Talk 10 Proof, finished Katharina
Talk 11 Gabber's theorem Johannes S.