If you have questions regarding teTeX and NEXTSTEP, don't hesitate to mail me.

Welcome to the stepTeX WWW page.
NEWS (140100): Jacques Distler put together a page about installing teTeX 1.0.x and friends on NEXTSTEP systems. The URL of the page is http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/~distler/TeXstuff/index.html

NEWS (240999): I managed to compile teTeX 1.0 quad-fat for NEXTSTEP. A tarfile is available as teTeX-mab-nextstep-1.0-1.tar.gz. This is very dirty, completely (sic!) untested and might not work at all! So try it on your own risk. For the supplement teTeX files (required!) and for instructions how to install the mess, have a look at the teTeX home page http://www.tug.org/teTeX!

NEWS (250899): Felix has lost the webspace for his TeXview. He sent me his last snapshot, which you can download here: texview.tgz. I think he's not going to work on this stuff anymore.

BAD NEWS: In the last couple of months, I have moved to Linux. I'm not running NEXTSTEP any more, and I don't have proper access to a NEXTSTEP machine, therefore I'm no longer able to work on stepTeX nor compile TeX-related stuff for NEXTSTEP. If you have questions, don't hesitate to mail. Please expect delays, since I'm quite busy.

NEWS (120698): Felix Gatzemeier <fxg@imib.rwth-aachen.de> has made just another snapshot of his TeXview. Features include multi-document support, grayscaling and it works with teTeX pre-0.9 from May 1998.

NEWS (010698): The TeX Live 3 binaries for NEXTSTEP are now available for download: http://www.tug.org/texlive/bugs.html

NEWS (070498): I'm sorry, but the upcoming TeX Live 3 CD won't contain NEXTSTEP binaries this time. There was no room for the full set of quad-FAT binaries on the CD. Sebastian Rahtz' told me that the binaries will be available from the TeX Live web page, for what that's worth.

NEWS (180398): TeX Live 3 will be out by the mid of April. It will be based on web2c 7.2, and will feature e-TeX 2.0, pdfTeX 0.12f and Omega 1.5. I'm currently compiling NEXTSTEP binaries.

NEWS (090697): If you have problems with TeXview-kp 0.30, consider installing version 0.25 instead.

NEWS (170497): First attempt at unified TeXview^hyper - supports web2c 7.0 and the soon-to-be-released teTeX 0.9.

NEWS (170497): Soon to be available: TeX Live 2 - the second edition of the plug-and-play CD-ROM with a live TeX system for Unix systems including NEXTSTEP.

stepTeX - Aims

These pages contain information about TeX for NEXTSTEP/OpenStep. While at the moment, this is more or less a service page on teTeX for NEXTSTEP, I plan to add bits on any TeX related program for NEXTSTEP/OpenStep/GNUstep systems.

Coming soon (hopefully ;-): Information about Bibliography.app, TeXmenu.app, TeX2Eps etc. Separate pages on InstantTeX and TeXview-related projects. More hints on installation and configuration of teTeX with NEXTSTEP, perhaps a dummy's guide to LaTeX with NEXTSTEP (using PS fonts, including graphics).


teTeX is a fine and complete TeX distribution for Unix systems. Built around web2c (by Karl Berry), Thomas Esser maintains a complete and up-to-date collection of macro packages and utilities. Guided by friendly installation scripts, this distribution is suitable for novices as well as large heterogenuous installations.

Since version 0.4, teTeX comes with NEXTSTEP binaries. teTeX can be found on many ftp sites. teTeX's primary site is

Direct mirrors are the CTAN servers:

The NEXTSTEP binaries come in two flavours: One quad-FAT binary package that unpacks in bin/mab-nextstep3, and four single-architecture binaries for the four different NEXTSTEP platforms. Choose the one you prefer.

The NEXTSTEP binaries incorporate an patch that adds support for IPC with TeXview, i.e. the `instant preview' feature of NeXTTeX works (that's the -v/-V flag to tex). teTeX doesn't yet support the "%&latex" feature of NeXTTeX, you'll have to wait until teTeX 0.9 for this.

web2c 7.0 is released; teTeX 0.9 is on the way! web2c 7.x contains native support for NeXTTeX IPC - dynamic configuration of memory sizes without recompiling! - supports the %&format feature - supports ls-R across multiple tree's - support. teTeX 0.9 will contain all of this and furthermore such amazing things as e-TeX and tex2pdf.


I have started to fix bugs in HyperTeXview and decided to rename the thing to TeXview^hyper. The aim is to finish a stable unified release of TeXview with support for HyperTeX, kpathsea and multiple documents, and perhaps anti-aliasing.

In order to be able to use teTeX with NEXTSTEP, you need a version of TeXview.app that includes kpathsearch (an alternative installation using the original TeXview.app is described in teTeX's teTeX-FAQ, Q22.).

TeXview-kp is somehow work in progress. The most recent test versions can be found on our ftp site. I received some reports about problem with version 0.30 and teTeX 0.4. If you run into those problems, version 0.25 should work better for you. Finally, there's now a version 0.32 compiled for web2c 7.2 (i.e. TeX Live 3 or teTeX 0.9):

There's also a loose project group working on enhanced versions of TeXview. The most prominent result is Raf Schietekat's TeXview, which also supports multiple documents and HyperTeX, but doesn't yet contain kpathsearch support. Preview's of Raf's work (aka ALPHA versions) can be found in the same directory as TeXview-kp.


InstantTeX is a pseudo-WYSIWYG TeX environment for NEXTSTEP, written by Dmitri Linde.

InstantTeX is not yet prepared for use with teTeX. Nevertheless there's a simple trick to get it up:

Open TeXWorks, choose "Preferences" from the menu, and click on "Set TeX paths.." For each of the paths, TEXINPUTS, TEXFORMATS, TEXFONTS, TEXPOOL, replace the currently listed path with the single symbol ":".
In the next maintenance release of InstantTeX, this will be fixed and reflected in the docs.

The primary site for InstantTeX is our ftp server:

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