Franz Lemmermeyer


  1. Reciprocity Laws. From Euler to Eisenstein
  2. The Correspondence between Emmy Noether and Helmut Hasse
  3. I was involved in the 4th edition of Algebra I. Körper und Galoistheorie by Falko Lorenz. Additional Exercises can be downloaded from Springer's website.
  4. Jacobi's lectures on ''Zahlentheorie und Kreistheilung'' (number theory and cyclotomy) from 1836/37, edited by the late H. Pieper and myself, are available from Rauner Verlag.
  5. Hasse's Tagebücher (Mathematical Diaries) were published by the Universitätsverlag Göttingen
  6. I also lent a helping hand to G. Frei and P. Roquette in their edition of the correspondence between Artin and Hasse. The English translation covers more letters and contains more extensive comments.
  7. An introduction (in German) to the arithmetic of quadratic number fields: Quadratische Zahlkörper
  8. Mathematik à la Carte I (2015) deals with elementary geometry on a level accessible to high school students. It seems that you can't please everyone, and I certainly must have failed to meet the expectations of Christian Eben from Berlin, who told me in no uncertain terms (Jan 2016) that I should be ashamed of myself:
    "Sind Sie nicht der arme Typ, der beispielsweise allen ernstes ausdrücklich der DDR-Zeitschrift ``Alpha'' als bester Schülerzeitschrift DEUTSCHLANDS nachweint, und im selben Schinken dann ein Büchlein von Kolosow von 1963 aufführt, wo man sich nach Ihnen ansehen können soll, womit ``in der DDR VERSUCHT (!) wurde, Mathematik attraktiv zu machen''.
    Und nur zum Beispiel.
    Ich glaub' mein Schwein pfeift! Schämen Sie sich wenigstens?"
  9. Quadratic Reciprocity (2015) is an English translation of Baumgart's Thesis with a complete list of all proofs of the quadratic reciprocity law known to me.
  10. The Correspondence Euler - Goldbach (Opera Omnia IV) (M. Mattmüller, F. Lemmermeyer, eds.) has finally appeared.
  11. The correspondence between Arnold Scholz, Helmut Hasse and Olga Taussky was published in 2016.
  12. Mathematik à la Carte II covers quadratic equations and geometric, physical and arithmetical aspects of conic sections.
  13. An updated version of Quadratische Zahlkörper will appear in 2017.
  14. Future plans include books on the history of number theory "from Babel to Abel" in German, on Pell Conics, and on Binary Quadratic Forms.
  15. I am also involved in Roquette's edition of the Hasse correspondence.