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Flat Connections in Physics and Geometry

A Physical Mathematics Workshop at Heidelberg University


From July 20 to 22, 2017, the Mathematical Physics group in the Mathematisches Institut at Universität Heidelberg will host a three-day workshop on recent topics at the intersection of Physics and Geometry. The workshop is intended to serve as an unofficial satellite workshop of String Math 2017, held in Hamburg July 24–29.

Confirmed speakers

  • Matthew Bullimore (Oxford)
  • Alexey Bondal* (Moscow)
  • Mykola Dedushenko (Pasadena)
  • Ori Ganor (Berkeley)
  • Owen Gwilliam (Bonn)
  • Justin Hilburn (Philadelphia)
  • Kentaro Hori (Tokyo)
  • Si Li (Beijing)
  • Hyenho Lho (Zurich)
  • Mauricio Romo (Princeton)
  • Piotr Sułkowski (Warsaw)
  • Piljin Yi (Seoul)
  • Michele del Zotto (Stony Brook)
  • ...
  • ...
(*) tentative



Practical Information


All talks will be held in the 5th floor Conference Room (5/104) in the Southern wing of the MATHEMATIKON.

Morning and afternoon coffee/tea and lunches will be served in the 5th floor common room.

Accommodation and Provisioning

The Heidelberger Hof hotel is conveniently located midway between the Neuenheimer Feld and the main attractions of old town Heidelberg. For a fast bus connection to Campus, board route 31 at Bismarckplatz, headed to Kopfklinik (not Universitätsplatz!) and get off 5 stops later at Bunsengymnasium. The main entrance of the MATHEMATIKON is across the street. Shops and restaurants are in the middle and Northern wing.

The pleasant walk from Bismarckplatz across the bridge, down the Neckar river, and up Berliner Strasse takes about 25 minutes.

Registration and Workshop Dinner

There is no registration fee, however we ask that all those interested in attending the talks send us an Email ahead of time, so we may have an idea of the number of prospective participants. (We reserve the right to raise a guard in the unlikely event of a general stampede.) In your message, please indicate whether or not you are interested in joining us for the workshop dinner on Friday night. You will be asked for a € 20 contribution for the dinner; further information to follow.


For any further information, please send us an Email