Colin Davalo

    Office 5/221, 5th floor
    Mathematical Institute
    Heidelberg University
    Im Neuenheimer feld 205
    69120 Heidelberg

    Tel: +49-6221-54-14062

I am a PhD student in the university of Heidelberg, under the supervision of Beatrice Pozzetti .

Research interests: Hitchin and maximal representations of surface groups, Anosov representations, symmetric spaces of non-compact type, domains of discontinuity in flag manifolds.

Here you can find my CV.


  1. (with Daniele Alessandrini and Qiongling Li) Projective structures with (Quasi-)Hitchin holonomy
    Preprint. Available online: arXiv:2110.15407
  2. Maximal and Borel Anosov representations in Sp(4,R)
    Preprint. Available online: arXiv:2201.05584
  3. Nearly geodesic immersions and domains of discontinuity
    Preprint. Available online arXiv:2303.11260