Seminar Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Fall 2017

Wed 11:30 s.t. - 13:00
INF 205 SR 6


25/10    Beatrice Pozzetti    Maximal representations: geometric properties and compactifications
   Urs Fuchs    Contact manifolds, Reeb flows and positive loops of contactomorphisms
08/11    Johannes Walcher    Exponential networks
   Anna Schilling    Horofunction compactification and symmetric spaces
22/11    Shinpei Baba    CP^1-structures on surfaces and their degeneration
   Anna-Maria Vocke    Magnetic billiards
29/11    Federica Fanoni    Hyperbolic surfaces
   Myeonggi Kwon    Exotic contact structures on the sphere
13/12    Ingmar Saberi   Rudiments of quantization
   Gye-Seon Lee    Convex projective structures on manifolds and orbifolds
20/12    Daniele Alessandrini    Geometry of character varieties
   Irene Seifert    Fixed points of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms
10/01    Valentina Disarlo   Mapping class groups and their simplicial actions
17/01    Michael Bleher    Knot invariants in gauge theory
   Sourav Ghosh    Anosov representations and Margulis spacetimes
24/01    Richard Eager    Dualities in quantum field theory
31/01    Andreas Ott   Bounded cohomology, Higgs bundles, and hyperbolic geometry
   Matthias Meiwes    On the complexity of Reeb dynamics
07/02    Peter Albers   Symplectic billiards
   Florian Stecker    Anosov representations and oriented flags

Organizers Peter Albers and Andreas Ott