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BPS Quivers in String Theory — Knots, Indices, and Networks

A Graduate Training Workshop in Mathematical Physics at Heidelberg University


From November 16 to 20, 2020, the Mathematical Physics group in the Mathematical Institute at Heidelberg University, in collaboration with groups from LPTHE at Sorbonne Université and Faculty of Physics at University of Warsaw, will host a training workshop aimed at graduate students from the three institutions. The focus will be recent results on BPS quivers as a unifying theme for the description of black hole indices, homological knot invariants, and the structure of the open/closed topological string partition function. This workshop is funded in the framework of the 4EU+/DAAD Programme"European University Networks"

Invited speakers

  • N.N. (Place)
  • M.M. (Other Place)


A list of participants will be made available once registration is complete.



Practical Information


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