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„Quaternionic fake quadrics in positive characteristic“
Dr. Nithi Rungtanapirom, Universität Frankfurt

A fake quadric is an algebraic surface of general type whose certain nu- merical invariants coincide with those of a quadric surface. All fake qua- drics known so far are constructed by means of complex analytic or non- archimedean uniformization. This talk will focus on fake quadrics in positive characteristic and how the construction by means of non-archimedean uni- formization is related to a problem in the geometric group theory, namely the search for arithmetic lattices with the rare property that their actions on the products of Bruhat-Tits trees yield square complexes with minimal Euler characteristic as quotients. Furthermore, we can give explicit group presen- tations for such lattices by means of Bruhat-Tits buildings and (orbispace) fundamental groups.

Freitag, den 19. Januar 2018 um 13:30 Uhr, in INF205, SR A Freitag, den 19. Januar 2018 at 13:30, in INF205, SR A

Der Vortrag folgt der Einladung von The lecture takes place at invitation by Benjamin Kupferer