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„Uniformization Theory Of The Moduli Of Global G-Shtukas“
Dr. Esmail Arasteh Rad, Universität Münster

According to the Deligne's conception of Shimura varieties and the Tannakian philosophy, the moduli of global G-shtukas may appear as a function field analog for Shimura varieties. Here G is a reductive (or even parahoric) group over a smooth projective geometrically irreducible curve C. In this talk, I will discuss about the uniformization theory of these moduli stacks. More precisely, we shall see that the moduli of global G-shtukas are uniformized by certain formal schemes parametrizing local G-shtukas with fixed isogeny class along the Newton strata. Note that this discussion may be regarded as function field analog of Rapport-Zink uniformization of PEL-Shimura varieties. Finally, if time permits, we briefly discuss about the relation to the Langlands-Rapoport conjecture.

Freitag, den 6. Februar 2015 um 13:30 Uhr, in INF288, HS2 Freitag, den 6. Februar 2015 at 13:30, in INF288, HS2

Der Vortrag folgt der Einladung von The lecture takes place at invitation by Prof. Dr. Gebhard Böckle